4g modem recommendations and provider ; I need occasional reasonably heavy usage, maybe 2-3 days a month when virgin screws up; as they're doing today.
It's usable - except when it stops; so I'm going to have to figure out what to do with my router if I add 4G

These didn't seem impressed to see the pond ; I suspect they'd come from the nearby river, but we often do see a few on this little fishing pond.

oops; that's one DSLAM that'll need replacing; I hadn't noticed the 'no parking' sign when I took the picture.

Sigh, Virgin Media cable is having a hard couple of days in this area.

This was fun; I could see at least 2 sets of bands by eye, but you can see more on screen; then I accidentally put it through a bad auto correct and you can see what 4?? To me they don't look reflected which is what I'd expect from double rainbows, so not sure.

Yeh this new cable modem measurably has a bit higher latency; I don't think I'll notice it though in use.

Time for a refill ; from left, 3kg Nestle atelier 70% (short dated), a couple of tubes of droste pastilles (milk), 1 kg 80% dark Ugandan buttons by belcolade, 2.5kg callebaut power 80, and a new one, Casa Luker Tumaco 85% (Columbian) 2.5kg. Maybe enough for the year :-)

My first attempt at a 🍫🧀 🍰
(Cocoa in the crushed biscuit base, cocoa in the cheese mix, a few very dark chocolate buttons thrown in)

A - no idea what it was doing mooching about in the cold sun yesterday afternoon but it seemed happy enough (when it wasn't getting hastled by magpies); it stayed in the open for a good while before walking back into some long grass.

Firefox and mastodon.org.uk have some very odd caching disagreements; especially with images
@xvilo @mkwadee

Neighbouring HN posts; attention being the scarcest resource...with unlimited information.

The underside of a peacock is incredibly dark for something that's so incredibly bright on the top.

Today's graph; given they've thrown in some restrictions yesterday, the total graph isn't that scary compared to last week - it was already obvious from last Sunday it was going up - and it seems to be about the same rate (or a little less).- I guess the noticable things are central Manc has gone up a LOT - highest for over a month, as has Oldham; Tameside, Trafford and Stockport all high up. Not all of these are poor areas; Trafford is actually pretty well off.

Is this a grasshopper or cricket? I've been hearing them for the past couple of months as I've walked down a verge; but this is the first time I've managed to get a of one.
( )

Graph; shit that's going in the wrong direction; doesn't look like it's any one borough either.

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