@dick_turpin If you like you can buy me a pile of chocolate with that money and I might give you a square back.

Linux VFAT question 

@freakazoid Hmm I'm not sure; inodes exist in real linux filesystems on disk; I'm not sure if VFAT actually has any similar concept on disk, so Linux might have to fudge something. The kernel fat code has comments like 'Rewritten for constant inumbers 1999 by Al Viro', so it *was* a problem

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From the tales of 'nobody expected the numbers would get so high':

"SUBLEVEL only has 8 bits of space, which means that we'll overflow it once it reaches 256" – which for #Linux #Kernel 4.4.x & 4.9.x is soon. Proposed fix, v1:


🐦🔗: twitter.com/kernellogger/statu

@th What is white used for over there? Assuming the others are the same (Red=electricity, green=data, yellow=gas)

@liw So is that a 2kW kettle then?
(100-18=82 degrees difference, which requires 341 J per gram, which is 341666 J=Watt seconds, divide by 180 seconds ->1898 Watt?? )

@dick_turpin Maam, may I explain; that is why he has the 'Ministry of Housing'.

@dick_turpin Sorry, I can just read this and have a vision of the Queen looking down at it and saying in Her regal voice 'Eddie?! Surely one would want an Edward for a Secretary of State'

@pro No not really - I just expected the standard to be sane, and if it is it does make it easier when arguing with people to use them; although as @elb said there's a bit of the spec that says for sane hardware it does actually need to define it

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@penguin42 That's only sort of true for C99; it says:

These types are optional. However, if an implementation provides integer types with widths of 8, 16, 32, or 64 bits, it shall define the corresponding typedef names.

... so basically, if the hardware _has_ integers of those widths, they'll be defined.

@elb Oh OK, that's much more sane. Is that true of C++ as well?

eww, C and C++'s [u]int8/16/32/64_t are 'optional'. I can understand them not being defined on weird hardware, but not having them as being required on normal hardware is a pain.


@ajroach42 I'd hope you can add more storage; adding storage with existing content I can see as harder - I'd see it want to add metadata associated with that, so that's more of an import.

@EdS is that just for contractual things though like sales?

@mansr @revk Oh yes I've been completely persistent about it; I've got some even used a wholesaler who started doing home deliveries once (when the supermarkets were out of tinned fruit) and using wholesalers for chocolate; the supermarket deliveries are only costing £1-£3 a week - the bigger expense is the restriction to not being able to use Aldi/Lidl for cheap stuff.

@mansr @revk As far as I know I'm not down in any of the special groups (my parents are over 70 but the accounts are registered to me). As I say, I failed to get any Tesco slots; things were hairier in April/May, getting slots on the last minute when they had some free and pouncing on them. I've also found online companies for non-supermarket stuff (e.g. some cleaning brands we used to get from non-supermarkets). We got a mop head and some boots from CPC.

@mansr @revk Indeed; that was a bit close back in March/April, but I've not really had that many problems since; I'm keeping two slots open, one for each of the next two weeks; as soon as one arrives I book the one for 2 weeks time; I'm alternating between Sainsburys and ASDA; never managed to get a Tesco slot. I've had an occasional Morrisons and one or two Ocado.

@mansr @revk online deliveries. Supermarket deliveries once a week.

@andybroomfield Yep; although as surface mount components go, that's not that small.

@andybroomfield Curiously bigclivedotcom just posted youtube.com/watch?v=8Ys-6-skMv a taredown of an industrial beacon that seems to use a micro to flash LEDs.

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