@aral @ScottMortimer Hang on - the article says they use AES-128 - that's not rolling your own! I bet the reason for using ECB is for any user to be able to recover after congestion - (counter could do the same ?). Distributing the keys is a mess though - I don't think there's a standard to use; Matrix has a complex scheme that only just about works but shows the challenge in a multiple-user e2e scheme - it's hard to exchange keys with an arbitrary no of users who can join/leave/dropout.

@mansr Not that I'm aware; it was under 5k a few weeks ago, just managed to get over 10k tests/day a few days ago, and hit 12k today.

@mansr I used to get them looking at the gov.uk figures, but now worldometer captures them worldometers.info/coronavirus/ there's a test figure column and they have a 'yesterday' button that you can see.

Hmm so we've managed 12k tests yesterday for the first time in the UK (up from about 10k)....and found correspondingly more infections, so our reported infection rate is up; who knows what the trends mean if it's limited by testing.

@wyliecoyoteuk The thing I'm missing is why, with a -ve price we're not turning our gas generation down more - we're still running ~4.5GW of gas (and exporting about 1GW to the continent).

@wyliecoyoteuk Nice; apparently this is even with our nukes down to under 5gw (I wonder why, it could be maintenance).

@ajroach42 You can see someone writing out the requirements for the builders 'install cat 5 network jacks in every room' - 'done, tick...'

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@codesections Things like phone switches at small offices can set any outgoing phone number they like; e.g. so that they can get you to phone back on a freephone/premium/central number even if the call is made from any one of their offices.
Similarly where there are multiple phone companies they provide the number to your phone company...and well they can say anything.
As for outgoing calls...there's not much security apparently in that either.

@alcinnz Welcome tot the world of heizenbugs. Still, if it doesn't happen in gdb, you can turn coredumping on and try gdb on the core.


@alcinnz I don't know what the haskell C interface looks like; but have you got a gdb backtrace ?

COVID cases around Greater - extracted from the government ArcGis -19 dashboard; X axis is days into their data; 27=2020-04-04. It's weird how there are some steps and plateus, I suspect that's where certain teams or labs are doing some work?

Zoom's response to privacy failures - 

Dear Sainsbury's; please tell me you have no one to answer the phone before giving me 5mins of recorded message; or better let me report a problem via your website.

@rogerggbr It's worse in the US, they only get 6ft! Fortunately we have the metric virus over here.

@pro Then there's the point you end up running Dell's soft-disk emulation over a transatlantic VPN from your laptop.

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