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Oh that's going to go well: - take bets on how many days before turkey factory gets closed down due to outbreak:

Amazon's delivery date predictions are crap. seeing they were listing 2-3 weeks delivery for my favorite 72 pack of toilet roll, I ordered a pack early - it's arrived in less than 3 days.

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This is by far the simplest and best explanation I've found on how radio waves actually propagate

No surprise, it's an old video

I thought I'd found the function in this huge codebase I needed to debug; but then found there's a whole different similar bit that kind of goes differently....

Yes, you can get 21% off a 512MB DIMM
(Seriously, wth don't places discount this type of thing down to pence?)

This was fun; I could see at least 2 sets of bands by eye, but you can see more on screen; then I accidentally put it through a bad auto correct and you can see what 4?? To me they don't look reflected which is what I'd expect from double rainbows, so not sure.

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That scallops can see, with hundreds of eyes that can resolve simple shapes. And scientists showed them videos of plankton and they opened their shells wider and wanted to eat it. Just like me when I watch the food channel!


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In the Highlands we have proper bridges. None of your mamby-pamby ones with wooden boards, just three bits of wire. It is all you need. Indiana Jones would be proud.

The bridge is a short distance downstream from the falls.

#photo #photography #landscape #Highlands #Scotland

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XML matching; 'vat' to jump to matching xml/html tag.
As a greying beard Vi user, it's rare I learn vim-isms, but I'm digging in deep XML hierarchies and needed to figure out wth I was; stackexchange's 2nd answer was the easy one -

seem to be getting better; I never saw any point if they could just take a single task; but if they can do a range then they might be worth it:

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TIL Manatees can control their buoyancy by farting and getting constipated makes it a challenge

"We have observed flatulence when manatees submerge with minimal externally observable muscular movements. T. Pitchford (MMPL, personal communication) pointed out that constipated manatees are often unable to dive."

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Huh, TIL: scp on Unix systems is considered fairly broken&unfixable by the openssh maintainers; probably better to alias it to rsync.

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Today's anxiety was that perhaps nobody had made a service called Johnny Cache, but it turns out it's ok, the Python lot have us covered.

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Salurnis marginella, a member of Flatid Planthoppers (Family Flatidae) spotted at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore, on 1 Nov 2020. To my eyes, it looked like a small green thing. But through the camera, it looks pretty with interesting patterns on its side.

On iNaturalist [ ].

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #TrueBugs #Hemiptera #FlatidPlanthoppers #Flatidae

When exactly was toast invented? I can't imagine creatures surviving without it.

I'm very slowly reading the ECMA standard for MS Office XML - to try and understand a L.O export bug - but heck it's slow going, it's a huge standard, and the XML that L.O generates is huge even for a tiny example.

as the UK enters another lockdown, I do feel sorry for they had actually managed to start improving things in the last week or two.

Pi4: It feels like someone should build a PCIe carrier card that takes 4 or more Pi4 Compute cards and a PCIe switch; that feels like it would be quite neat.

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My latest business enterprise:


Selling Users as a Service to SaaS companies which need more users.

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