Colleg is a scam and useless unless you are lawyer or doctor

And google play services has absolute control over my phone
It destroys privacy

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I hate google play store. It is a spyware

Yeah I just tooted with tootle from linux ubuntu client :3

I blocked stylesheets, cookies, and javascripts from 3rd parties and my browser works so fast! It is good for palemoon on my windows xp old school laptop

How can i convince people to use mastodon instead of tweeter? 😐

Just ordred a rooted android tv box to watch youtube and possibly free tv channel. I want to install vlc on that bad boy once it is arrive


My question is why anime girl is so cute? They are just so perfect and super attractive but it doesnt work in real life tho. I became anime fans not long ago and well.... you can forget it but if you watch anime back you'll still be attracted by their beauty. Anyway i think i have a crush on her

The word Toot is more cute than tweet and for som reason it reminds me to upcoming dentist appointment 😷

If twitter ever let itself joined mastodon we can troll twitter users and trump account without worrying our account get suspended o censored

I tried to nosurf but it's hard. I need to replace it with something else. I am so addicted to web

I hope fediverse has chat messenger like telegram or whatsapp but decentralized. I dont trust facebook products

my secret 

Getting a verified badge is something i've been dreaming of since i was on twitter. now i have it lol πŸ˜‚

So many japanese on my fediverse timeline. O.o wow i think im gonna like this mastodon stuff

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