Slightly worrying when the first conversation of the day is
"Whats for tea tonight ".
Torn between a ruby or posh nosh from the pub in the next village.

It has to be the next village as everyone here is doing burgers or
pizzas. Not really classed as a meal are they?
Yup I am a food snob !
Morning all , TFI Friday. aka Poets.

I know what you mean.
When the pandemic hit, we stopped eating anything we hadn't cooked ourselves.
We never bought ready meals anyway.
Our most important discussion of the day is "what shall we cook for dinner".
Or was. we now have a meal plan sheet, based on what we have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.
Fridays it's fresh fish from the pop-up fishmonger in SPAR's car park.


We ate out of the freezer initially, then as it emptied we looked at options, The takeaway on a friday was simply to mark the passage of time in an otherwise groundhog existence !
Trouble is only our chippy takes plastic, All the others want cash. and I really try to avoid handling filthy lucre.

We have a wet fish stall on what is left of our market here, Nice bloke, Nice fish but only takes cash.

You must have a good selection down there

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@stannard The pop-up is only there on Friday, they go around the villages.
The fish is caught locally and landed in Looe.
We have a small farm shop we use for free range eggs and veg, never very busy and well organised Covid wise.
We also get deliveries from the local butcher, paid over the phone, and there is an organic butcher 15 minutes away.
With those and occasional deliveries from the supermarkets, we do OK.


@stannard Visited Nippers' popup.
Moules mariniere for dinner, with scallops fried in butter for starter. Dover sole for tomorrow.


STEADY, You will develop flippers !
Sounds pretty good though.

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