I've never come across this film before to-day:

Trouble in the Glen (1954)

Starring Margaret Lockwood, Orson Welles, Victor McLaglen, and John McCallum.

Judging from the reviews I've read, not seeing this film was a lucky escape.

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@fitheach "TRUCOLOR BY CONSOLIDATED" They really put their back into those names. 😀​

Judging from the poster, there isn't anything true about the colours.

Trucolor was introduced by Republic Pictures (a second or third tier movie company) as their in-house motion picture process. It was meant as a competitor to, for example, Technicolor, but was a very poor relation.

@fitheach It's hard to beat Technicolor. Whenever a 1960s Technicolor film pops up on screen, it's so obvious. They hit on a graduation that is somehow just very pleasing to the eyes.

Technicolor worked well for certain movies, musicals, for example, but I find it a bit gaudy for many other types of movies.

Technicolor was even used for the 1945 film noir "Leave Her To Heaven". Shooting a noir in such vibrant colour was a bold move, which actually paid-off.



@fitheach @tsturm
Some of us go back as far as
" Todd AO "
My mother took me to see Oklahoma !
Scarred for life.

From the late Mr Elizabeth Taylor.

Todd AO worked well in some movies, "Around the World in 80 Days", as an example.


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