whatsapp / signal / telegram ?
Unless it is dealing with my money or card payments, I have never really been that concerned about message security.
Always thought if it is "online" it is like talking to a mate in a crowded pub.
That attitude changed a bit when we got an amazon alexa.
Tmelines started featuring adverts for things that had been mentioned in conversation.. spooky !
Do the advantages outweigh the lack of privacy ?
To be honest, I am still trying to start my list of Alexa advantages

The only interesting use for an alexa was when my young grandson lost his house key and had the intelegence to shout outside the kitchen window "alexa call grandad"
Then I drove down the road and collected him.
Other than that, I think it is an expensive toy !
We have tried asking it things, and frequently get " I'm sorry, I dont know that ".
I often wonder if someone at the other end hears what I say to it.
Wife points out the shouting at an inanimate object rarely works !
She is right as usual


Going back to my original thought train..... So I looked at a few alternatives, I always liked whatsapp, but I think now that it is in the facebook group it has lost a bit of its shine.

I looked at Briar which seemed good and Jami which seems too good to be true.
The downside of all these is, I know 4 people on signal, 9 on telegram
All the others are staying with their mates on whatsapp or messenger.
May go back to talking to myself.

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