whatsapp / signal / telegram ?
Unless it is dealing with my money or card payments, I have never really been that concerned about message security.
Always thought if it is "online" it is like talking to a mate in a crowded pub.
That attitude changed a bit when we got an amazon alexa.
Tmelines started featuring adverts for things that had been mentioned in conversation.. spooky !
Do the advantages outweigh the lack of privacy ?
To be honest, I am still trying to start my list of Alexa advantages

@stannard Signal > WhatsApp > Telegram. The first two use the same encryption mechanism to protect the contents of messages although Signal leaks *considerably* less meta-data than WhatsApp. Telegram isn't encrypted by default and uses it's own "secret" encryption approach which is generally considered a poor idea.


Like the look of the peer to peer stuff.
Briar and recently read up about Jami.
Jami looks very good !

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