Morning all,
The weatherman said snow.
Yeah? Where ?

@stannard Get off the roof, you silly old fool! That's a young man's game.

As if ! haha.
Your statement triggered thoughts of
"Up on the roof " by the Drifters.
followed by a rethink to "Dont jump of the roof dad "
I would need to look that up, even thoigh I know all the words 😀
It does look a bit like I am on the roof.
Bedroom window view over the extension.
Slates act as a frost indicator.
You got any snow over there, Guessing you are leeds way.

@stannard Leeds? How dare you! I've never been so insulted. I'm in the posh area near Walsall in the kingdom of West Midlandshire.

Whoops, sorry.
I have been there, pulled off the M6 south to cut down to west brom and miss the lovely interchange.
Dont know why I thought Leeds.
must have been your accent .😀

@stannard, I wouldn't say anymore if I were you. You're digging yourself deeper in. Leeds? I'm a fooking Essex boy.

Actually, My Paternal Grandfather came from near Rochford.
So as you say, I should stop digging.

@stannard Here! Norfolk! 5-7am.
Hail/snow collected on parked windscreens.

Nothing personal, but you can keep it !
Prevailing winds here are from the west, 12 miles from the coast so often brings rain.
Snow comes from the NorthEast or the East, So wind would need to change.
Also the Pennines effect the weather and it can be snowing on the east side and sunny on our side.
I lived in Kent for several years and the weather seemed more stable down there.

@stannard We have kept it, with sporadic showers of snow and hail all day.
I moved from North Kent only 18mth ago after spending most of my life there. Weather here in North Norfolk is similar, poss slightly cooler but not much in it.

Do you consider the weatherman trustworthy?
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