I have always kept my #facebook account, although I seldom post to it. I keep it because I have a few hundred people that I want to stay in contact with—that won’t move to a more reasonable, less manipulative and divisive social media platform. Today I posted a single somewhat political quote. And immediately, out came the political extremists with their torches and pitchforks to argue—not about my actual posted quote, but about the source of the quote! I hate what Facebook has done to people!


I also keep a facebook page for similar reasons.
So much of my small town information gets posted there as well as some very helpful groups.
Although there are some nasty people, I found twitter was much worse.
I live in Yorkshire, England and there is a dialect saying about Yorkshiremen who are supposedly taciturn and careful with money,
See all, Hear all, Say nowt. (nothing)
Eat all, Sup all, Pay nowt
With FB and twitt I try to adhere to the first line. 😄

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