Friday..... For some, the weekend starts here.

For others, like me, It never ended !
Woohoo or should that be Woohan ?
Take care you lovely people.

@stannard The French call retirement "Toujours vacances" - Always holidays :)

My idea of a holiday is far from my current schedule.
I never seem to stop doing things, The main difference is now I dont get paid !

Yes, my wife and daughter are always finding me "projects" to keep me occupied.
Aside from gardening and DIY, I am the unpaid webmaster for my daughter's retail and wholesale sites along with the Looe shed website (which is actually hosted on a pc in my garage).
Today I am fitting a new drive belt to the washing machine and harvesting the last of the courgettes and tomatoes 🍅

@wyliecoyoteuk @stannard Bloody luxury. Tinkering around at home is my favourite kind of life too.

@trregeagle @stannard Not so wonderful if yuo or your partner are shielding.
Luckily we have a nice big garden in a quiet village with country views.
If we were still in Birmingham, I'd have gone stir crazy in a month.

@stannard Yes, that does make things more challenging. We're living in lockdown here which means everyone has to make their own fun at home. I feel for the ones home alone or single parents with bored kids. The worst are all the people in our community who cannot visit loved ones in hospital.
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