Morning folks,
Hope you all have a great Saturday.
My son, who is probably older than many of you, is in a team of four, Running, Cycling and Kayaking in the English lake district for charity.
Not saying which one, but I gave him some money anyway !
Then I looked up some charity CEO salaries.....
Lets just say, I donated because he is my son, Not because of the charity.
Digging a little deeper, I found prestige offices in city centres,
Sorry charities, no more from me !

@stannard A common experience. There are some amazing local community projects and small charities, I've recently been involved in documenting some donations in the north east. But, they were 'nominated' by our staff. It would not have been easy to find out they exist - without local knowledge.

Sorry, but I wont name the charity.

I dont donate to mainstream charities , but made an exception as it was my son raising money.

However, if you search for charity ceo salaries, most of the well known ones are paying very high salaries, you can then decide which you avoid.

It makes me wonder just how much of the £1 gets to the needy.

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