The gray autumn weather didn't stop me from taking a little trip.
This time I went to Haus Bockdorf, commonly known as Gut Heimendahl, a historic estate. The first documented mention of Haus Bockdorf dates back to 1358. The estate has been owned by the von Heimdendahl family for over 140 years and is still used for agricultural purposes. There is also a café and a farm shop.
#autumn #minibreak #history

I like the style of the buildings,
Nice pictures. There is also a huge tower, but unfortunately they were doing construction works. It is a beautiful place. Feels like travelling back in time 😊

I just looked it up online,
Looks really nice, I love old buildings,
NOT as my grandaughter says " did you help build it grandad "
Always liked history at school. LOL!
I like old buildings, too. It amazes me how long some of them have existed.
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