On Friday me and the Boss came home over the hills from Scotch Corner as the main roads were very busy.
Stopped for lunch at Wensleydale creamery.
"wallace and grommet fame "
superb location and nice cheese.

Well its Friday evening and a cold night !
So junk food washed down with Henry Westons delightful cider 8.2%
Cheers all.

A little Cullen Skink to brighten the evening.
The croissant gives it a more international twist.

As an after thought to a nice Chilli, I was allowed one of Grannys Rasberry Buns.
Clashes a little with my Glass of Shiraz.
I am sure I can cope, so offers of assistance will be declined.

A bit of Nostalgia..
Morning all, Steam train heading to Chester from Carnforth.

One of the reasons I like working in this room.
Lots of Sparrows stop by to say hello.

Had such a good time at our festival in the park that I didnt take any pictures.

After the first band started The Boss and me hit the bottle..s.
Fist band on the trailer was
" Flamin Nora "

nearly the end of a lovely hot day,
Gin in a Tin !
Standards are slipping.
Cheers, Prost, Slante, etc

Morning !
Another nice start to the day,
Sods law says it won't last...

Daughter in law called round, needed a cream soda to cool down

Boss in specsavers sorting out her glasses, Me waiting outside Costa with a latte.
Tasted like hot milk, really needed an extra shot !
As I rarely buy Costa coffee, I didnt know.
Boss came out and drank it.

Morning all,
September has arrived and it is COLD.
Picture is an old one to cheer me up.

Friday, Car was booked at the dealers for a satnav update.
Takes 2 hours they said.
Booked lunch at near by bistro.
Road was very busy, Traffic queueing 1mile before M6 junction.
North bound traffic turning at same junction heading for The Lakes.

Agh, Bugger.
Forgot this weekend is a public holiday.... No one with any sense goes there holiday weekends.
Managed to call and cancel both bookings.
Turned off and went to Arnside for Fish and Chips.
Better plan.

Good morning from Yorkshire.
A nice sunny start to the day.

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