Sledges out. make the most of this as it will be gone soon.
A novelty in this part of Yorkshire.

Lovely Burns night supper,
Belt undone, Waist grown 3inches !
Very large Old Poulteny

Welsh Coffee.
Actually, the coffee is lavazza ,
Perculator belonged to my late "Aunt in law", if there is such a definition.
Spanish by birth, Lived in Angelsey and spoke so fast, I got one word in three.
Lovely lady who for some reason liked me.
Coffee made in this has a distinct taste and brings back memories of happy days.

Seen on my walk today.
Not sure what nests in this,
Anyone know?

Had a little excersise as the weather was nice, there are a few short loops I can walk around here.
One takes me down what are known as the fairy steps.

This is Yorkshire,
Beware of the Fairies !

Interesting things that are considered to be covid "pre conditions "
Pleased I dont have any of those, phew.

Christmas tree, decorated, lit and pressies underneath.
Boss says, I think it would look better in the conservatory !
What !????.

We compromised.
Its in the conservatory .
Dont look any bloody different to me !
Festive stress ? No such thing.

A little venture out to the pub for a substantial meal and a couple of pints last night.
Apart from the masks and the distancing... It was not much like old times.
Beer was good.

The boss decided we should go christmas shopping today.
Lazy breakfast, porridge followed by toast and coffee.
Drove to town......
Drove round town, carparks all full. Two closed, one given over to a covid testing unit.
Missed jail and Got back to go, so went home.
Opened a bottle and started putting up decorations. Life is so exciting innit.
Did Jays quiz, We usually have a cousin join us from Wales, Not tonight though, and we scored 37 /50

Pic is of fossilised haggis.

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