I got the impression that these people will custom make to order, I havent asked them, but maybe worth a try for your additive free sausages ?


I had family living on skye, and would drive up the west coast by choice because the scenery was more spectacular than the A9.
Needless to say, Not in the winter though !

oh ?
Well news to me also.
Although Cheddar cheese comes from many countries not just cheddar uk.

It was Very tasty !
I think we were ON Wensleydale looking across to another one.
When you live surrounded by dales and moors it is easy to take them for granted.
I realise I shouldnt, but I do.

It isnt that I dont appreciate the beauty of them, but it would help if the farmers shaved the names of the fells into the grass at the top !
My friend delivers bread round these villages and cant get over the fact she gets paid to drive round here, She says, she would do it for free

On Friday me and the Boss came home over the hills from Scotch Corner as the main roads were very busy.
Stopped for lunch at Wensleydale creamery.
"wallace and grommet fame "
superb location and nice cheese.

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@joenepraat LB: the arrogance of power in 107 seconds - Dutch cops (with the collusion/assistance of the transport authority) commandeered an entire in service tram and put out all the passengers (including an old man with a rollator) on the street so they could use it to transport all the protestors from the affordable housing demonstration that they had nicked..

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I just looked it up online,
Looks really nice, I love old buildings,
NOT as my grandaughter says " did you help build it grandad "
Always liked history at school.

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The gray autumn weather didn't stop me from taking a little trip.
This time I went to Haus Bockdorf, commonly known as Gut Heimendahl, a historic estate. The first documented mention of Haus Bockdorf dates back to 1358. The estate has been owned by the von Heimdendahl family for over 140 years and is still used for agricultural purposes. There is also a cafΓ© and a farm shop.
#autumn #minibreak #history

I like the style of the buildings,
Nice pictures.

Oh ja, das tun wir !
Fluent in google translate.πŸ˜€

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Changing joomla 2.5 to
joomla 4 ** can be a challengs as so many mods not updated yet.
I just did a copy and paste for articles, worked ok , but template had to be changed.
I still think it is much better than wordpress, Guess it is what you are used to working with.
I have used Joomla since it was Mambo.

@FromtheAbyss @penguin42
I doubt if Bankers are that smart, It would impress me if they were.
However, we will never know πŸ˜€

They wouldnt last 5 minutes in this house !
Look delicious...

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