Sounds about right for twitter.
Yes the world HAS gone nuts.!

The famous Cornish hedge !
BIL did walling up here, then went to cornwall.
He told me why you should avoid driving into a cornish hedge !

Like the look of the peer to peer stuff.
Briar and recently read up about Jami.
Jami looks very good !

Sounds like your google setup is better than my Amazon thing

Alexa will control our wireless sockets, but the issue is when you ask it a question.
It's THICK !
As for music , I often stream radio paradise. Good and wide range of music and allows buffering to phone and playback off line.
Manage to avoid the prima donna dj who seem to think I want to listen to them rather than music.

@thor @coin
A call out fee paid up front for tech support calls ?

HP charged my mate Β£25 just to tell him if they would answer his question or not.

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Going back to my original thought train..... So I looked at a few alternatives, I always liked whatsapp, but I think now that it is in the facebook group it has lost a bit of its shine.

I looked at Briar which seemed good and Jami which seems too good to be true.
The downside of all these is, I know 4 people on signal, 9 on telegram
All the others are staying with their mates on whatsapp or messenger.
May go back to talking to myself.

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I actually drifted off my intended subject. I am good at that !
Was looking at options to cms websites.
As I started to write, a message came in on whatsapp and completely diverted my thought train.
" Old and stupid !"
I like the idea of Humhub instead of the more conventional joomla wordpress etc.
Will pick it up again later today.
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I have considered throwing our alexa in the bin or giving it away.
However, I am sure it would find its own way back...

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The only interesting use for an alexa was when my young grandson lost his house key and had the intelegence to shout outside the kitchen window "alexa call grandad"
Then I drove down the road and collected him.
Other than that, I think it is an expensive toy !
We have tried asking it things, and frequently get " I'm sorry, I dont know that ".
I often wonder if someone at the other end hears what I say to it.
Wife points out the shouting at an inanimate object rarely works !
She is right as usual

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whatsapp / signal / telegram ?
Unless it is dealing with my money or card payments, I have never really been that concerned about message security.
Always thought if it is "online" it is like talking to a mate in a crowded pub.
That attitude changed a bit when we got an amazon alexa.
Tmelines started featuring adverts for things that had been mentioned in conversation.. spooky !
Do the advantages outweigh the lack of privacy ?
To be honest, I am still trying to start my list of Alexa advantages

@fitheach @tsturm
Some of us go back as far as
" Todd AO "
My mother took me to see Oklahoma !
Scarred for life.

Does anyone know if you can put an iframe in wordpress.
I have inherited the editing of a local prostate cancer wp site.
I only offered to update the speaker list, but seem to have had the site thrust upon me.
I want to post a 2.5mb pdf and limit is set at 2.3mb

I dont have cpanel access, only ftp and site admin.
Thinking I could post elswhere and iframe it.
Polite suggestions would be welcome. :owi:

I think it's called karma.

Cockfighting rooster fatally stabs owner with knife strapped to leg in India, sparking manhunt for illegal fight organisers

I use facebook like a bank.
I dont want to, I dont like it, but it works and is useful at times.

My town mainly runs on it, If you want to know who is open and which wife has gone off with someones husband.. etc.

I tend to delete and reinstall frequently, Browse to it from my VPN but this morning I re installed it onto my rebatteried motorola G7
( Rebatteried, Is that a word ?) New batteries.
Not sure how I managed it , but it is now speaking Spanish.
Hasta Luego !


STEADY, You will develop flippers !
Sounds pretty good though.

We ate out of the freezer initially, then as it emptied we looked at options, The takeaway on a friday was simply to mark the passage of time in an otherwise groundhog existence !
Trouble is only our chippy takes plastic, All the others want cash. and I really try to avoid handling filthy lucre.

We have a wet fish stall on what is left of our market here, Nice bloke, Nice fish but only takes cash.

You must have a good selection down there

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