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Slightly worrying when the first conversation of the day is
"Whats for tea tonight ".
Torn between a ruby or posh nosh from the pub in the next village.

It has to be the next village as everyone here is doing burgers or
pizzas. Not really classed as a meal are they?
Yup I am a food snob !
Morning all , TFI Friday. aka Poets.

I use nextcloud on my shared server,
I like it but my account will close when I die so all my files will go.
So I also keep local copies of anything that matters on a local portable drive.
so good.
But technology keeps evolving and there is always the risk local drives will change.
CD's being a classic example, we were told it was the medium of the future back in the day !
Now I use them as coasters.
Try it for a while and see.

The reviews are not encouraging,
sounds like the project has stalled.
Shame as I like nextcloud.

haha, I think its fascinating I am still alive !

I am very curious, so I want to install and try many things.

Linux distro hopper etc.

I ordered a bottle of Highland Park single malt.
Amazon driver tells me he has to see some ID to prove my age !
I had to show him my drivers licence !
Rules have to be obeyed but I am 75 !

Years ago, I drove trucks, many of them were old and the rubber seals around the pedals had worn away.
Badly fitted doors and the wind blew in.
I took to wearing tights or pantyhose.
it raised a few eyebrows but they worked.
Now I only wear socks if I wear a suit.

Give up the socks, unless you are in a suit they are just gloves for your feet.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin
So easy to let things slide.
I was always up and out early ish, just became part of life.

Now in my case it is retirement , added to that no school run now and I can be in bed with cold tea at 0900.

When I lived in the south of England we called it egg and chips.

When I came North it was often called chips n egg.

What was it called where you came from ?

Further to last night's pancakes,
I am a lemon and sugar fan,
However, last night I witnessed the pancake equivalent of the Weetabix toppings.
Nutella spread with marshmallow topping.
What made it worse was he ATE it !

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin @MunkyBone
Hehe, I wont argue,
Brother in law lives there, near PZ
where the nuts end up !
Nice picturesque county although moist.
My Niece lives on Tresco, can't get much further south.

Cornwall was a regular holiday destination when I was a kid, lots of fond memories.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin @MunkyBone
I was given the Pfizer version some weeks back, apart from an ache in my arm where the nurse rammed the needle in, I had no side effects.

I must admit, I was sitting at home waiting for some.

Wife had the Oxford vers last week and was fine afterwards.

Perhaps it is the Yorkshire air that keeps us healthy.

Shrove Tuesday.
Pancakes for tea,
Never worked out why we only have pancakes one day a year,
Better make the most of it.

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Hmmm, Not so sure I agree.
Technology has advanced beyond most people's imagination.

Medical advances, I have been in remission for prostate cancer for six years, In my dad's day it would not have been diagnosed and it would have killed him.

I think people want things NOW, and does anyone read a book these days ?

So perhaps the quality has deteriorated , but not sure I would say things are worse. :owi:

Re The old mongoose question, for those who don't know.
The apocryphal story about ordering two mongeese.
Dear sir,
Please send me two mongeese,
Mongooses, mongii ?

Dear sir
Please send me a mongoose,
PS please send me another one.

Half term has started,
Grandkids at home,

Monday brings a little light relief in Jays quiz on YouTube at 11.20 GMT.

I can't help wondering how my sproglets will turn out in a world full of virii or is is viruses .
* The old mongoose question !

I wish them well but pleased I am not starting out in life again.
Perhaps my Grandparents thought the same.

Apologies, if thats a little deep for a Monday.

I always said these things have got silly,
But it is worse than that, these changes are setting dangerous precedents.

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