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Why do some singers ruin a song with a trembling voice.
Woman soprano singing "once in royal davids city " with tremelo on telly.
Spoilt ! If you cant hold the note,find someone who can .

Remember hearing the boy sopranos do it so much better.

Mysoginy for Christmas anyone ?

Back to the shops today,
Town centre first stop,
Used my contactless card to pay for.1 hour.
Transaction went through, The ticket peered out from the dispenser, then retracted.
Queue started to form behind me, So I put coins in, Β£1.20.
No ticket !
Off to Morrisons,
Needed a pack of Carlesberg, The prefered tipple of the Boss.
Managed to drop it onto my cream filled apple turnover that was already in the trolley.
I think Bollocks is a fair description of my day.

Any of you folks managed to side load NowTv onto an Amazon firestick ?
I have it set to install from other sources and it will download an apk , Goes throught the appearance of installing, and then flags,
The app is not installed.
I really dont want to have to buy a nowtv device and yet another bloody remote on the settee !

Sad to read that Babs Windsor has died, aged 83, Altzimers.
I remember her from years ago , The most infectious laugh and a big grin.
RIP lovely lady. x

A little venture out to the pub for a substantial meal and a couple of pints last night.
Apart from the masks and the distancing... It was not much like old times.
Beer was good.

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Your periodic reminder that being in a "Five Eyes-free jurisdiction" is a meaningless marketing term *cough* Proton(Mail|VPN) *cough*


Holy fuck, itβ€˜s beginning:
German encrypted email provider Tutanova has been forced by German court to implement and enable backdoor to intercept email of one of their customers.

This has been reported by a reputable German news source and the court order indeed seems to exist.

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Went to the shops today, Just a few things, cheese, biscuits ( cookies to my american readers )
snacks and such.
Β£153 worth of odds and ends.
Dreading the day we actually need something.

Deleted political toot picked up elswhere,
As getting away from that stuff was one of the reasons I found myself here.

I watched on netflix last night a film called " the social dilema ".
Thought provoking interviews with early developers of Facebook, instagram, twitter et al.

For me, two things really stood out,
The first was how addictive they are and people struggle to ignore their phone for more than a few minutes.
( I am guilty of that )
The other is the fact that the system offers you click bait to what it THINKS you want to see.
So the A.I. is influencing your thoughts.
Watch it !

The boss decided we should go christmas shopping today.
Lazy breakfast, porridge followed by toast and coffee.
Drove to town......
Drove round town, carparks all full. Two closed, one given over to a covid testing unit.
Missed jail and Got back to go, so went home.
Opened a bottle and started putting up decorations. Life is so exciting innit.
Did Jays quiz, We usually have a cousin join us from Wales, Not tonight though, and we scored 37 /50

Pic is of fossilised haggis.

Trip to B&Q to buy outside festive lights yesterday, Empty shelves, just some scraggy boxes of uninspiring stuff.
When I asked Assistant are you getting more in, she looked at me as if I was stupid and said NO.
(sheesh,why did I leave it till
December the first !)

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