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nearly the end of a lovely hot day,
Gin in a Tin !
Standards are slipping.
Cheers, Prost, Slante, etc

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Is there anyone who has a laptop for a good friend of us? :blobcathearts:​It doesn't need to be anything fast or new, if it works she will be so happy..!

It's for a good friend of us, she's the daughter of another good friend :blobcatgiggle:​ But income is not much and we keep an eye on second hand stuff but yeah..

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Wow. "Building broke". Our Indonesia tech's job is to get the airport's weather system network back up. And so he does.

My favorite part is the brick as a mousepad. No desk, no chair, no roof... But I will provide these people with a mousepad. One that won't blow away in a tornado.

Even in darkness you can find small points of light.

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Morning !
Another nice start to the day,
Sods law says it won't last...

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How to make your PeerTube videos much more discoverable on the Fediverse:

Use tags without spaces in them, for example, use "OpenSource" instead of "Open Source", "ArtHistory" instead of "Art History", "PianoMusic" instead of "Piano Music".

Why this works:

Mastodon includes PeerTube videos in its search results, but any tags with spaces in them are ignored.

To make your PeerTube videos searchable on Mastodon, remove spaces from your tags.

#FediTips #PeerTube

Daughter in law called round, needed a cream soda to cool down

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Dementia, parent, any advice to share? 

My Dad has fairly advanced Parkinson’s driven dementia and is in residential care. Because of the pandemic I can’t visit him and can only communicate by phone.

Has anyone dealt with dementia that might have some advice for phone communication?

I’ve figured out that asking yes / no questions seems the way, short sentences, simple words, and letting periods of silence go for a while if needed.

But I’m wondering if there are other things I can do?

I went to the funeral of a friend yesterday.
As funerals go, it was a good one.

Nice stories and a few laughs plus some very emotional moments.
I often want to applaud at some peoples eulogies and wonder if I started, would others join in ?

When I was getting ready to go, I selected my black tie from a rack of many and realised that it was the only tie I have worn for many years.

Ties were once described to me as the male equivalent of a ribbon in your hair.

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @doomyflo & @Doomyflocrochet - Creating wonderful crochet characters based on libre projects

🌟 @comradery - Co-operatively run Patreon alternative aimed at individuals and co-op organisations, now in alpha testing

🌟 @craftykat - Relaxing tutorial videos on how to make your own soaps, clothes, craft projects and choose libre software

🌟 @nitrokey - Privacy-friendly FOSS security keys, de-googled smartphones, laptops etc.

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> The two Australian law enforcement bodies AFP and ACIC will soon have the power to modify, add, copy, or delete your data should you become a suspect in the investigation of a serious crime.

Note the "modify" and "add" parts.

#InfoSec #Privacy #Australia

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These pieces of art were created in 2017. I was there when they were painted. Today, I returned to the area. Many have been destroyed by graffitis/scribblings, but some still exist. And here they are for you to enjoy 😊
Do you have a favourite?
#art #urban #Krefeld
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