What is a good way in IT to demonstrate skills and experience in a more detailed way that you can usually show in a CV/Resume?

I'm considering building a portfolio of my professional and relevent personal experience but I'm not sure how common this approach is seen in the IT industries, I got the idea from family members working in healthcare where it is expected. Perhaps there is some other way to do this I've not thought about?

@stardot A personal website with articles, howtos, code examples, etc. maybe?

@andy I do have one, albeit a little neglected. However the nature of the content is probably not suitable to broadcast online, it should form part of the overall picture though.

@stardot I've seen people blog and show off their github's etc but it depends what type of thing you do; that's not much use depending what type of work you do.

@penguin42 well I do enterprise networking but I like to dabble in a lot of things and keep my mind open for opportunities that might come along, tbh when I came to think about it, networking accounts for a very small part of what I'm good at or actually do, but it's difficult to see that from my job title. Wherein lies the problem..

@stardot Does the title matter? If you can show off the things you actually do. And when you write a CV you write it for the job you're applying for and point out the things you want them to see.

@penguin42 I guess it's my understanding around what a CV should be. To me it's a high level history of work and education but should be brief and not go into details but I think those details need to be presented in a way to get a foot in the door. I've done my current role for over 4 years, I couldn't realistically summarise the range of work I've actually done as part of that which is rarely anything contained in the original job description.

@stardot Which is why I say it's per-job; yes it'sa quick summary, but you point out the bits you think your prospective employer would be interested in (and in the cover letter) - having said that, it depends whether you have the challenge of getting through a HR group looking for keywords before reaching anyone technical or not.

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