This tweet on the official UK Civil Service account was only up for 9 minutes but got 38k likes, 36.5k retweets plus all the comments. Guess someone has lost their job over it. That reaction to it, in such a short time frame, shows just how much BoJo has misjudged public opinion on this.

@Luke who needs Netflix when you have responses to government tweets 🍿

@stardot I actually sat there looking at the numbers going up on that tweet for 5 minutes. It was mesmerising.

@Luke if there's a barometer for how pissed people are over this, it's just gone mount st. Helens

@stardot and yet BoJo doesn't even seem to realise that. Quite a few backbench Tory MPs calling for Cummings to be going now. If BoJo sticks to his guns this could be catastrophic for him.

@Luke I'm strict on my lockdown, and I know I'm not doing it because I'm being told to. But I'm even on the verge of saying "fuck it", so I'm sure we're going to see mass disobedience from tomorrow and they will know full well how badly they got this wrong. Unfortunately people are going to die as a direct result

@stardot This is why there are so many angry people and why the "anyone would do the same" folks are wrong. Millions of people have been like yourself and making sacrifices just to see arrogant Cummings do what he pleases.

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