@andyc I have issues reaching mastodon.org.uk which seem to be linked to IPv6. I've raised it with the local admin but they're on-going since last year, I'm not going to push the matter as I'm not a paying customer so I only really have one other choice. Besides that I'm perfectly happy with this instance.
OTOH I've been here since my very early experiences on Mastodon so perhaps there's something to be gained from a bit of instance tourism cc: @basil

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@stardot @basil Christ - just get your wallet out, buy some hosting, get a domain name and run your own Pleroma (git bleeding edge) instance.

Are you a man or a mouse ?


@andyc @basil I've considered it, but I'm far too lazy, and cheap

@stardot @andyc @basil To be fair, I totally forgot about it. I'm not a full time sysadmin, and doing this in my free time :)

@stardot @andyc @basil Also, I have heard IPv6 connection issue to and from another instance. But this was fixed by changing the packet size in the @transip network (As I work there, so lines were short).

Can you explain the issues again, I can't find it anymore

@xvilo @stardot @andyc @basil it's definitely not a criticism of your free labour, just that the issue makes the site pretty unusuable when I'm at home i.e. all the time right now. I'm posting from fosstodon now because it broke again while I was composing this toot from my main account.

@stardot But what exactly breaks? Its quite hard for me to debug this, as I have no issues over IPv6 right now.

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