Set up two new devices with new temp+humidity+pressure sensors. None of my 3 sensors are in agreement so need to choose one to be the source of truth and apply correction factors to the others. Wonder if either my or one of the bme280's is inherently more accurate to make the choice easier.

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@wyliecoyoteuk that sounds amazing. Yogurt on pizza? Who'd have thought


@wyliecoyoteuk I made pizza today too, I tend to overload with toppings though. Nice to keep it simple

@xvilo @nigeldgreen @Hyolobrika whenever I've seen it, a couple of refreshes usually clears it

@xvilo @Hyolobrika when I get it I'm using Firefox, I haven't tried other browsers though

@andyc @basil I've considered it, but I'm far too lazy, and cheap

@andyc I have issues reaching which seem to be linked to IPv6. I've raised it with the local admin but they're on-going since last year, I'm not going to push the matter as I'm not a paying customer so I only really have one other choice. Besides that I'm perfectly happy with this instance.
OTOH I've been here since my very early experiences on Mastodon so perhaps there's something to be gained from a bit of instance tourism cc: @basil

@dick_turpin so long as the guests understand the difference between a racist parody of black people vs a parody of racist stereotypes.

@dick_turpin glad I have it on dvd then before parody is outlawed completely

@andyc I'm considering switching to either of those soon, it's hard to get a feel for the locals without going all in though so it's a tough call

I've been falling down a rabbit hole lately. Started on , dropped to plaintext files, Markdown then through and landed on a shelf down at the level. Not sure if it goes much further than this, I hope not anyway as my head's spinning

Needed to fish out an old bash script I wrote a while back for comparing lists. Gave it a cursory look over and 🙄 at my younger self's earnest attempt to re-implement grep badly. Replaced 40 lines of nonsense with 3 lines of a bash while loop and it burned through the job. Seems one benefit of going through the pain of learning Bash is the more you know, the less you need to use it.

@wyliecoyoteuk @penguin42 I put a new seed feeder out yesterday and got my camera recording. Spotted a Jackdaw beating the crap out of the coconut then started on the seed feeder knocking seeds onto the floor where 3 other Jackdaws and 3 Pigeons were waiting for breakfast. I think I have the culprit

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