Today's background compiling task is to remove as much X11 from my system as possible given under seems to be working pretty well.

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@stsquad Wayland. Don't mention Wayland to me. Wasted 45 mins yesterday investigating a bizarre problem in a LO spreadsheet that span the CPU. the culprit, inevitably, was that damned Wayland X server.

@andyc do you mean the xwayland server? The only real problem I've come across is video rendering in Chrome is a little laggy but not via mpv or other wayland compiled apps. But of course my use case != your use case ;-)

Do you have an idea if I can try an application on #wayland from inside #Xorg, I am too lazy to launch a VM with only wayland and try that xD

@elacheche I don't know but I suspect not given the difference in architecture.

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