@fabsh @methoddan @MegaSlippers re:GNR 81 the way federation following works there are two levels of blocks. The first is blocking messages from remote instances appearing of the local instance federated feed but people can still subscribe directly. The second level just blocks all from that instance if for example it's just spam, porn and Nazis. It's up to the local instance admin to decide the policy but they are some common community maintained black lists.

@fabsh I'm not sure how else you could do it. Some sort of dynamic scoring/ML would fail the same way as Facebook and Twitter. Ultimately social norms are enforced by the leaders and in this case it's asking for instances to have some sort of coherent policy for abuse if it wants to be widely federated. Try a "free speech zone" instances and see how long it takes you to get tired of the federated feed: @methoddan

@stsquad @methoddan How about not blocking anything? Except when you, as a user, personally see it and then do it on a case-by-case basis. What’s wrong with that?

@fabsh @methoddan because you don't want to spend your day muting every other post in the federated feed while looking for interesting people to follow. But if that's your bag no problem, just sign up to a pod that doesn't censor anything and enjoy wading through the uncensored federate feed. As far as I'm aware it doesn't stop you following people on pods with AUPs. However a distributed system has to support having a distributed post policy as people disagree at where the bar should be.

@stsquad @methoddan I've been doing that for ten years. It works well. Better than subscribing to a blacklist where I don't know who's blocked for whatever dubious reason. That's exactly the kind of filter bubble that is destroying all political and societal discourse at the moment.

People involuntarily put shutters on their web experience and then complain that everyone is biased...

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