I am—*sigh*—adding #discord to the ever-growing pile of chat apps I use to communicate with various FOSS projects (along with Gitter, Slack, Keybase, IRC, etc).

Like all the other, non-IRC apps, the desktop version seems to be an #electron app that runs appallingly on my linux system. Any tips for making it better? Stick with the web app? Find an IRC bridge? (any decent ones out there?) Use a mobile app?

@codesections if I can't plug it into my IRC gateway I generally don't use it. The exception is I have Signal and WhatsApp on my phone but that is mainly for direct one on one comms.


I would love to adopt that policy. But there are so many good open-source projects that (sadly) don't use open communication platforms. Sometimes you (and by you, I guess I mean me) have got to meet people where they are, you know?


@codesections I get that. At work we are mostly IRC based but use Google accounts so have gtalk. Fortunately for text chat that's XMPP so it works well. I dod go to browser hosted solutions for video chat though. There does seem to be a bitlbee plugin for discord though so it might be worth a try?

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