I used to donate to a number of projects/creators using flattr but I let those lapse as the site went through it's various iterations and changes. I've come to prefer the direct subscription model and after a modest prompt from @xvilo I've finally setup for a few projects I use heavily. I have to say I was expecting to aggregate the various donations and do one regular payment rather than setting a payment cadence (and provider!) for each donation.

@stsquad You should reconsider Flattr. A larger percentage of your contribution now goes to the payment processors instead of to the creators. Micro and small payments are still way too expensive, and it's better to aggregate them together with Flattr.

@da so does attempt to ameliorate this by recommending larger payments over longer periods to reduce fees. They are also super transparent on where the costs go on their receipts but I agree micro-payments are still sub-optimal. I'll see how this goes but I'll reboot my account and at least check out the current state. I'm favoring regular subscriptions over "drive-by" tips because all the stuff I support is software which is an ongoing development.

@stsquad I'm sure there are many developers who appreciate some drive-by extensions (the browser extension does it automatically when you browse the web and on GitHub). It's also a way for you to discover things you can support via Flatrr too.

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