I've been running on my work desktop as my daily driver for a while. However at home I kept firefox in permanent locked down private browsing mode - but this changed today as kept pegging the ageing cpu so I needed to switch my daily driver @ home. Now I need to find a way to configure firefox to use different proxy settings for private and normal modes. Any ideas?

@stsquad You could add a separate user account and run it as 'sudo -s -u firefox -H firefox --private-window', which gives you even more separation.

@stsquad Firefox profiles might be a solution to this, too.

@stsquad I just run 2 separate profiles on my work machine, I just have another launcher icon that passes the option for the profile to use and the flag not to reuse the instance

@penguin42 awesome - that was easier than I thought. I guess I just need to figure our where I can put the .desktop file in my $HOME so I can launch it easily.

@stsquad I don't think I manually created a .desktop file, I just created the launcher with xfce's launcher; I'm using -no-remote -new-instance -P home

The only gotcha is the icon won't open a 2nd window for that profile because it's explicitly told no remote

@penguin42 /#i3 are old school so I rely on to parse available .desktop files. I guess with --new-instancee your private session if fresh everytime? I needed to have some settings so there is a profile (31Mb vs 128Mb for the main profile). I need to trawl through and check nothing is leaking that I don't want.

@stsquad The profile is saved, and I think it does remember open state when it's restarted the next day. THe 'new instance' I think is mostly just telling it not to tell an existing process to open a new window.

@stsquad Using multiple profiles (one locked down, one for "normal" browsing) might be a place to start.

This has the advantage of also preventing data from one use-case from potentially leaking into the other. I'd suggest using a different theme in the two profiles to help visually distinguish them.

If you just need to keep cookies separate, then containers might be sufficient, and a bit lighter.

I don't think you can use different proxy settings per-container, however.

@necopinus yeah my private home session at this point has always been locked down, default disable scripts, no history and proxied. The multiple profiles thing works well though - with the theme I can be sure which is which. I've started experimenting with containers for the main session to keep a bit of extra separation for things I want some memory of ;-)

@stsquad I used the FoxyProxy extension in the past for this, but would also recommend different profiles. I actually will also use this to separate locked down for everything by default vs. known and trusted.

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