Dear Fediverse, I'm about to move to a 3 story rental house so am going to be limited in how many cables I can lay down. What are peoples experiences with networking? There seem to be multiple standards but I guess /#IEEE1901 is the way to go? Any recommended kit?

It may not be the fastest. Make sure to check and see that it'll be great enough for your needs; I know it was slower than the wifi when I tried it.

I found it OK better than Wifi if your house has solid brick walls like mine.
TPlink 200AV stuff worked well for me until I moved to full wiring.
I would recommend going for piggyback adaptors so that you don't lose socket count.
Also use one per floor, as one downside of powerline is the bandwidth is shared between adapters, so lots of powerline plugs = reduced bandwidth
There are also Powerline plugs with wifi that can act as APs or repeaters and some with buitin switches

@wyliecoyoteuk yeah it's a fairly old end-terrace house which in my experience means pretty solid bricks/stones. Maybe the Welsh ones have better RF properties than the Cheshire engineering bricks my old house in Manchester used?

@stsquad I have no first-hand powerline experience, but from what I heard from others is that you first have to ensure that the outlets on all floors are connected to the same phase.
On top of that, you may also need a low-pass filter to prevent your data mixing with the neighbours' when they also use powerline on the same phase.

@arnd I'm fairly sure most houses in the UK only have a single phase supply but I'll double check the switch box when I get there. I suspect I'll put my office on the ground floor to be as close to the BB as possible and just extend to the top floor so phones get some wifi. The ISP is supplying me with a AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 so I need to decide what the balance will be between that and my Turis Omnia.

Haven't used homeplug since a couple of standards ago, but it worked well then. TP-Link were pretty good.

Multiple phases won't be an issue in the UK, but as Arnd says neighbour interference could be, if you're looking for maximum bandwidth.

@stsquad I have used them in many housholds with great success. often to setup a router as an access point in another part of the house.

Colleges at work have borrowed my plugs to test it out but have had limited to no success at all.

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