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Hey gang,
We've now published the *full* git commit history for the NHSX Isle of Wight beta apps.
πŸ€– github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-A
🍏 github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-i
Took a bit longer than expected, but glad we got there. Much more to come, I hope.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/edent/status/12764


Finally the full release. From my point of view a repository without full revision history is a code dump and not FLOSS. Code history is important - I almost always look at the commit message that added a line before I decide to change it. Understanding !=> doomed repetition ;-)

@stsquad Yeh, I'd love to see how some of this tied up with the decisions that were made and testing results in IoW.
This commit, is adding info on the Bluetooth vendor, and it's pretty recent:

@penguin42 lol - I've just noticed they have (mostly) anonymized all the code authors and they company they work for in the logs. We don't get such luxuries - our mistakes are all in the logs and the public domain for all to see 😊 😬 πŸ”₯

@stsquad Yeh I guess they have to unless they had previous signoffs from them allowing them to publish it. It's quite fun when someone tracks you down to ask about a commit from a decade ago πŸ™‚

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