The health secretary said the new rules in were due to increased transmissions in peoples homes. Where does that data come from? Is that from the Test, Track and Trace numbers?

@stsquad Apparently so; the beeb's live feed references him saying on Beeb Breakfast 'Matt Hancock says test and trace data given during contact tracing has shown "most of the transmission is happening between households" and between people visiting family and friends'

@penguin42 ahh I must of missed that part on Today this morning.

@stsquad Thinking about this; I'm worrying that this is the most likely *succesful* track and trace, not actually the most likely contact; remembering whose house you've been at and then finding that house has got to be the easy case.


@penguin42 aren't pubs also taking names and addresses as you go in? I thought you had to book a slot in a pub for a certain time?

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@stsquad Yeh I think they're supposed to; but I doubt they're scanning the list of all pubs, so it relies on someone saying they've been there to kick off someone looking for that list. It's also Manchester, so the pubs are probably completely ignoring it.

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