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In Wales, we’re asking you to keep working from home if you can.

We think this is an opportunity for a permanent change. Our aim is for 30% of workers to work from or near home.

This will reduce traffic, support local businesses and provide flexibility. What do you think?

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84 years young today! Wishing a very happy birthday to the incomparable computer scientist Margaret H. Hamilton. 🎂

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It may not be pretty but it works. The GTX card with it's slightly cropped faceplate was able to manage an EFI framebuffer and boot a kernel with working serial and Ethernet. Getting properly running can wait until I'm back on the clock.

Interesting new feature. I wonder if there is anything that can bridge the gap between filter bubble and fly paper for trolls?

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This new conversation experience is here for everyone! When composing a Tweet, tap “🌎 Everyone can reply” to change who can reply.

We’re just getting started with features to help you feel safer Tweeting and have more meaningful conversations. Details: blog.twitter.com/en_us/topics/

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Why does data matter so much in and why is the UK getting it wrong? A thread on transparency. And it starts with this. This is the Hong Kong govt's dashboard for the pandemic. It's extraordinary. Every single case mapped, down to the apartment block they live in...

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protip: alias sudo to "please" for a much more wholesome unix experience

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Hey gang,
We've now published the *full* git commit history for the NHSX Isle of Wight beta apps.
🤖 github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-A
🍏 github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-i
Took a bit longer than expected, but glad we got there. Much more to come, I hope.

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I love the power open source tools can put in the hands of creators.

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This VFX work is absolutely incredible, and it becomes even more amazing when I tell you that it’s made in Blender (which is free and open-source) and the work of a SINGLE PERSON (@mrdodobird@twitter.com, who you should follow)

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It is hard to believe, but on the 18th June 2020 Linaro celebrates its 10th Anniversary. David Rusling (CTO at Linaro) takes a look back at how Linaro came to be and also how the company has moved forward throughout the years. Click ow.ly/HI9m50Ab4lY for the full article.

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What's better than ending the week on a high note? meets @GNOME@twitter.com, runs every scene in glmark2-es2 (plays 3D games like Neverball), now supports & @KodiTV@twitter.com, & more! Onward & upward to zero graphics blobs! openfir.st/vp54n

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We LOVE the new-look, nature-friendly Belgrave park. Less mowing = more wild flowers and wildlife. Thank you @PaulMatthews67@twitter.com @MonmouthshireCC@twitter.com @BeeFriendlyMon@twitter.com

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So I guess this is an innovative use of technology but where will it lead, ?

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this robot dog is patrolling one of Singapore's parks as part of coronavirus-related trial

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I'm mainly re-tweeting because the graphic is pretty ;-)

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Average branching factor (move options) in chess is 35. In Go, it's 250. Some days I wake up and think: did we really solve Go with a learning-based approach or was it all just a dream? What David Silver and @DeepMind@twitter.com achieved with AlphaGo & AlphaZero is still magical to me.

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Amazing what people create in one tweet of code for a 1980s computer with 32KB RAM 🦉

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This is how Angela Merkel explained the effect of a higher infection rate on the country's health system.

This part of today's press conf was great, so I just added English subtitels for all non-German speakers.

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I can't believe this has to be actually said. Was critical thinking not something people learnt at school?

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'It is a complete lie.''

The Health Minister, Vaughan Gething, has dismissed conspiracy theories circulating on social media that 5G is causing the virus. It comes as videos online showed a number of phone masts on fire following the rumours: bit.ly/2ULp2Xj

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Abergavenny officers are continuing to monitor road closures to the Sugar Loaf, pleased to report no issues at this time.

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Klopp is the anti-Gove - he encourages people to listen to experts...

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