School drop off achieved, Monday daily driver updates complete (moar native-comp and multi threaded for ). How productive can I be in the morning?

I don't often have to interact with web APIs but when I do mode comes to the rescue

Now if only you could convince the team!


And the community prepares to bid adieu to manually generated ChangeLogs...


During I'm thinking of introducing my 8 year old to . Can any fans recommend some nice clean code editors? I can show them but it might just be a bit too much for their first editor.

A little task for Sunday is rebuilding the native-comp branch: - certainly takes a lot longer to build from scratch but hopefully it will be worth it.

After a brief experiment with on my daily work driver I've switched back to the fire hose that is melpa. Maybe I should embrace bleeding edge on all my instances?

elisp, code generation, compiler geekery 

Tromey's talk has made it through the encoding robots and is now online:

Two -compile questions on in the same week! Hopefully that means it is being a useful extension for people 😄

What is the current current state of the art of package CI? I was using emake for -rsync but that seems dead now. Do I need to go the whole hog and start using ?

Some of the old VMs I have to keep around to check support on "legacy" builds only have 24 which is playing havoc with my config. I'm slightly tempted to propose we up the minimum build OS requirements.

I have come to the realisation that it might take a while for to issue a new release so it's time to build from tip of tree on my machines so I can enjoy roaming with terminals - and of course themes 🌈

I do love but keeping up with development is hard mostly because the email threads get so long, for example:

Well that's my rambling proselytising talk done (only overran by 25 minutes). My $DAYJOB talk is 8.30 Friday morning.

So my contribution to has been accepted. M-x counsel-compile which supports automatic make targets and build directories. I've tried to make it extensible so support for other build systems can be added. It's all about making building from within easier.

So I didn't want to do a second talk at the upcoming conference to avoid too much preparation load. However I've now volunteered to do a live demo of my workflow with and for the team hacking room. Teaching by showing ;-)

So I've spent an evening getting the CI running green again. Hopefully I won't be greeted by howls of protest in the morning for those users that update overnight. I don't think I broke anything but I certainly want to increase the test coverage.

I've just signed my first ever 🤯 . However it is the CLA which is the least objectionable of all the CLA's I've seen. Once the paper work is filled I'll be able to contribute to although in this case the contribution is lined up for counsel/ivy/swiper.

Any users out there? I did a bit of weekend fun hacking to implement remote-to-remote copies. It's hacky as hell which is why it's not on the main branch so those on won't get hit by any bugs I have almost certainly introduced in the process. But cleaner suggestions welcome at:

Turns out I've been misunderstanding how to use in my setup. It's a lot more reliable now I don't need to install cask:

For fun I enabled the snapshot on my config . Turns out it all starts up fine ( I guess I should have another go at building remacs and seeing what a powered emacs is like.

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