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Something I mentioned on GitHub, to clarify someone who was confused as to why their feature request was shot down (even with a patch attached).

The window management code of sway is basically closed to further enhancements. This has been an unspoken policy for a while now. We only merge bugfixes and otherwise we track i3 releases upstream.

Expanding sway into a giant kitchen sink is not my goal. We need to at some point become conservative with our changes, or else the runaway complexity will ruin the software. Eventually sway should be "done", in my opinion.

There is still room for improvement, but that is mainly limited to the domains in which i3 is not: the parts of sway (and wlroots) which replace the role of the Xorg server. To this end, we're building improvements around screen capture, VR support, and so on. We also continue to see lots of investment in wlroots, and I expect it will continue to mature for a long time.

@sir I never quite understood the Node hype. I don't do much web client side stuff (the little JavaScript in Edit with Emacs should give you an idea) but the idea of doing my whole stack in JS just seems insane. I guess maybe if you're coming from the mungable world of PHP or if Java just seems a little too corporate and staid for your tastes? What do you use for's backed?

@Stan running your own servers is a great way to learn about FLOSS but it can become a full time job to keep up with security updates and actively check for attempts to exploit. My main concern is avoiding lock in but assuming I can back up the data I'll happily leave code hosting to and who have people paid to keep the servers ticking over.

@Stan as to security they do regular software updates but I don't routinely make it accessible to the internet. I use SyncThing to sync up with devices/boxen outside my LAN.

@Stan I'm very happy with my Synology. You can get shell if you want but for something that Just Works (tm) they do a very good job. Their UI is proprietary and I accept that because I'm not locked in by it and I have better things to do than spend more time admining my own NAS. The one pain point I currently have is backing up Google Photos since they stopped integrating with Google Drive. However the drive integration works well.

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A Tumblr called "Accidentally Quadratic", dedicated to showcasing instances of software that did just that: accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.c

@yisraeldov @switchingsocial I use in for block diagrams for my talks. If you want to do nodes you could consider using , again in org-mode.

@wyliecoyoteuk yeah it's a fairly old end-terrace house which in my experience means pretty solid bricks/stones. Maybe the Welsh ones have better RF properties than the Cheshire engineering bricks my old house in Manchester used?

@arnd I'm fairly sure most houses in the UK only have a single phase supply but I'll double check the switch box when I get there. I suspect I'll put my office on the ground floor to be as close to the BB as possible and just extend to the top floor so phones get some wifi. The ISP is supplying me with a AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 so I need to decide what the balance will be between that and my Turis Omnia.

Dear Fediverse, I'm about to move to a 3 story rental house so am going to be limited in how many cables I can lay down. What are peoples experiences with networking? There seem to be multiple standards but I guess /#IEEE1901 is the way to go? Any recommended kit?

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Peter Cannon
Its a dancing pink what's not to like?


OMG I just made it passed 900 twitch followers 😱


Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them....


I watched this video last night and it's still freaking me out. A deep fake where Bill Hader *turns into* Tom Cruise and Seth Rogan *while impersonating them*. (via / Ctrl Shift Face on YouTube)


@dick_turpin so there is an option in Preferences (under Media Display) which allows you to hide all media instead of hiding only sensitive media. Maybe there needs a category for "hide sensitive media and any from unknown people"? @Gargron

@spacekookie I use glmark2 to test my 3D support these days. Try "./glmark2-es2 --annotate --run-forever" for more interesting desktop pictures ;-)

@dick_turpin I haven't had the federated timeline on for a long time. I'm mostly finding new users to follow from searches pinned on my display and the occasional reply to someone already in my feed.

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It turns out, mapping the galaxy is a much more difficult job than anticipated, but using the light from Cepheid variable stars, which are stars that brighten and dim according to their size, we can pretty accurately tell distance. By using these stars, we can build a map of the distribution of stars in our galaxy...

So here's a 3D map of Cepheid variable stars, in our very own Milky Way galaxy, released in a survey done back in February. It reveals that the Milky Way isn't as flat as we thought, but rather a little bit warped or twisted. Although rare, it's far from unheard of to see a spiral galaxy with a wobble to it, and quite apparently our galaxy is among them.

Our galaxy is not flat, which means that a whole lot of art is out of date.

We don't know yet what caused the warping effect, could be a recent interaction or collision with another galaxy or even dark matter. At this point, it's still to early to tell.

Another benefit of my move to on my home desktop. HVEC/x.265 streaming from my local NAS works out of the box unlike the build.

@penguin42 /#i3 are old school so I rely on to parse available .desktop files. I guess with --new-instancee your private session if fresh everytime? I needed to have some settings so there is a profile (31Mb vs 128Mb for the main profile). I need to trawl through and check nothing is leaking that I don't want.

@twee RedHat 5.2 was the first Linux I installed which I think was released in 1998. So that's about 20 years of Linux usage... I'm so old 😟

@necopinus yeah my private home session at this point has always been locked down, default disable scripts, no history and proxied. The multiple profiles thing works well though - with the theme I can be sure which is which. I've started experimenting with containers for the main session to keep a bit of extra separation for things I want some memory of ;-)

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