Ok the marker is down, not much more can do now. It's down to the last match to decide the .

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Dear @Conservatives@twitter.com,

You appear to have lost your pinned tweet from your feed.

Here it is so that you can pop it back. It’s only just over a week old.

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Only a point in it at well enter half time. Will they be fully awake in the next half?

@dzu I'm sure it's fine ;-) Starts in a few minutes.

Good follow up chat on the virtual lounge afterwards as well.

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Thanks to everybody who joined in! These virtual conferences are hard work, so cheers if you stayed for the course. twitter.com/pdp7/status/132149

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starts today. Getting from the conference hotel to the venue was super easy. Let's hope the holds out during the keynotes ;-)

I made a quick demo video of under emulation of . Command line in the description: youtube.com/watch?v=WagWiCBuVB

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@dick_turpin the regulations even allow for you selling a few "prohibited" items if they are in and amongst essential items. I suspect the laziness is in not reading the advice that was published!

@dick_turpin I think the aim is to avoid the supermarkets usurping the local non-essential shops while they are closed as well as reduce footfall for non-food items.

@dzu I'm subscribed so I just hit RET on the group I'm following. gnus is very diligent in hiding stuff though which I'd like to read again. If I'm in a article in a thread what's the way to get from there to a view of the whole thread (previously read or not)?

@dzu thanks for that. I was searching around the manual but I missed the detail. I was trying to limit to the thread but / T doesn't seem to do that. I'm using as a secondary adjunct to my main mainly for lists I don't want to subscribe to but can get to the gmane/public-inbox feed of. Have have g-s-t-g-f as the default but I suspect I need to tweak gnus-thread-sort-functions and gnus-subthread-sort-functions?

To answer my own question: C-c C-s C-s (gnus-summary-sort-by-subject), hit # (gnus-summary-mark-as-processable) for each article and then O m (gnus-summary-save-article-mail), set directory and hit return several times. If I have to do this too often I'll need to script it.

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If is meant to be so powerful where is the "save whole thread as a mbox" feature?

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