As soon as I posted my kernel patches I get offers of sexy time in private emails. I don't think they read the patch details though.

@xvilo Having had a brief browse I don't think we are missing much.

Writing some kernel patches for the first time in a while. Let's see how quickly works through the matrix for me.

We do have a lot of public data but the (public) granularity is sparser. The have a site to lookup your country case load: and you can look up deaths to the individual postcode (with some fuzzing) at the website

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A thread on data transparency. The concepts of mapping cases is as old as John Snow (who did indeed know something). The question here is should everyone know? HK's data is to the building level but that could still be 1 in 100s of dwellings. A UK postcode is ~15 households.

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Why does data matter so much in and why is the UK getting it wrong? A thread on transparency. And it starts with this. This is the Hong Kong govt's dashboard for the pandemic. It's extraordinary. Every single case mapped, down to the apartment block they live in...


@penguin42 aren't pubs also taking names and addresses as you go in? I thought you had to book a slot in a pub for a certain time?

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low-level development tooling 

#Qemu can load the kernel (ELF) and RAM-disk (CPIO) for you, without any firmware or bootloader. You only have to provide it with a root partition image, where the first process' binary resides.

Then, you can make it drive some of the hosts' devices (not a trivial configuration, but still).
And also, you can use it as emulating debugger (server to which you connect remotely with #GDB). No special kernel modules are required.

So it's a pretty comprehensive development tool, and not just something where you run Windows when you absolutely have to…

#Linux #virtualization

@penguin42 ahh I must of missed that part on Today this morning.

The health secretary said the new rules in were due to increased transmissions in peoples homes. Where does that data come from? Is that from the Test, Track and Trace numbers?

4 player family finally achieved thanks to a fork of the PE launcher. Of course this meant my partner and I spent last night getting our farms in order, making sure there was food in the kitchen chest and tools in the mining chest so we could enjoy a family outing. It's probably a metaphor for something.

@matt fish shell is batteries included for most of the stuff I want (decent, directory aware history). eshell is available at a keystroke.

@arnd yeah I dropped a 2 when tooting. Surprisingly we can hit it quite quickly when simulating a IoT device that sleeps a lot with 's -icount sleep=off mode

Today I'm defensively coding for the year 2062 bug - a.k.a nanoseconds since epoch.

@andyc I'm now considering my to to workflow (I already to the org to jira bit).

@andyc today I have a session with the project managers to understand the JIRA to Sheets workflow that generates our monthly review slides for the review board.

I think I can throw away a chunk of my custom based review tag tracking code thanks to the brilliant and 's archiving on I still use it for tracking review comments and change requests though.

Hmm the mastodon gateway squashed the URL because I used the CW feature so here it is again, my blog on the evolution of the translator: - warning may contain compilers ;-)

contains code generators 

More writings, this time on the blog: - may contain code generation.

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