@geekygent I can't answer 1 although in my non-evil setup the completions work through indent-for-tab-command. For 2 have you looked at YaSnippet (joaotavora.github.io/yasnippet) and for 3 what problems do you have? I run Emacs inside tmux all the time without issue.

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@stardot @fabsh well I've finished it now. Very much a page turner. So how long do I have to wait for more action?

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@zge yeah it's in soft-freeze, bug fixes only until release. But given the range of stuff I run it's still very stable.

@zge when the hard drives failed on my work machine I reinstalled with Debian Buster and it's great. My machine run more efficiently than under 18.04 and the software is still fairly bleeding edge. If they keep up the current cadence I'll probably just update to testing again at they approach the next freeze.

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Hey, Internet, stop being such monsters! She and all of her colleagues deserve our respect and admiration, Trolls are not worthy of anything but derision and shunning.


Well that's my rambling proselytising talk done (only overran by 25 minutes). My $DAYJOB talk is 8.30 Friday morning.

@stardot @fabsh oh noes... I was planning to read it on holiday in a few weeks :-/

@codesections I get that. At work we are mostly IRC based but use Google accounts so have gtalk. Fortunately for text chat that's XMPP so it works well. I dod go to browser hosted solutions for video chat though. There does seem to be a bitlbee plugin for discord though so it might be worth a try?

@codesections if I can't plug it into my IRC gateway I generally don't use it. The exception is I have Signal and WhatsApp on my phone but that is mainly for direct one on one comms.

@sir certainly the fast movement of has been the main thing slowing down my experimentation with it. Everytime I try an build run into some random compiler problem. However at the same time spending a lot of time as I do doing multi-threaded C I long to work with a language that properly supports you in getting it right. AIUI moving from C to is easier as it's a minimal bit of extra syntax to learn but I'm not as sure of their concurrency story.

People have been busy over the weekend constructing sites for the finale week of . Nicest one I've seen so far is: canwecancelbrexityet.com/

@lthms yes. I moved from with as my message editor to a fully integrated and haven't looked back. Given I spend quite a lot of time chewing patches in email having it integrated into my main development tool has helped a lot. The other system I'm aware of is which has a similar architecture. If your email volume isn't super high using may work for you but for me I found it din't deal with large email folders well.

I went to the store today and managed to resist spending any money. Mostly because my family had just given my credit card a hearty squeeze. However the USB dongle was very tempting as were the numerous blinken' light HATs.

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