@sir I tend to use FLOSS as my catch all term. I appreciate the are differences, some of which are philosophical, but for explaining the general idea of collaborative open development it does well enough.

Hey @xvilo did the recent upgrade come with any notes about changing API's? @kensanata 's plugin hasn't been able to login for the last day and a bit.

@spacekookie few more days before mine start coming on. They are shielded from the birds now. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

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@dick_turpin and the 52% all have a clear and unified position on what was meant to be? The problem has always been translating the result of the referendum on a fairly simple question into actual practical changes to our 40+ years of shared legislative history.

@dick_turpin I find it somewhat ironic for a campaign about returning sovereignty from the "unelected" EU to thinks the best way of achieving this is to end-run around the only remaining elected representatives in the country.

Finished the day with finding the bug I've been hunting most of this week (clue be careful using size_t when creating address masks for your guests). Today I shall submit a mega PR with a week or two of accumulated patches.

I can't believe this is even being suggested as a tactic to advance . It's insane.

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We live in a parliamentary democracy. You can try to lock the gates of parliament. But to do so for this purpose would be unlawful. This plan is unlawful, undemocratic, and unacheivable. And the idea itself is profoundly offensive to our liberty constitution and traditions.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/RoryStewartUK/stat

@cfriedt on my desktop at work. I already run Firefox and Firefox Focus exclusively on my phone.

Today I'm going to try as my daily driver browser. The scroll bars do look a bit weird here though.

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I can't find the original, so I'm paraphrasing:

The best time to start deploying #IPv6 was 10 years ago. The next best time is today.

@xahlee running on existing Unicies was a stepping stone to having a fully free OS. The GNU project knew the kernel would take the longest time and needed to develop compilers and the rest of userspace. I still don't see why that makes Apple's decision something that should be blamed on the FSF. Software Freedom might not be your goal but it's their stated aim and as far as I can tell that's what they continue to aim for.

@xahlee I'm not sure how it becomes rms' problem if Apple are too scared to ship GPLv3 binaries on their products. His aim has never been to make things easier for propriety software manufacturers.

I remember back in the 90's waiting for VHS tapes of to be sent over to watch ahead of their UK airing. Now when is finally ready every one can watch whenever they want. How times have changed 😁

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@matt it certainly keeps your CPU spinning. The biggest one is Chromium (because I want that to be a from source build) but I use the firefox-bin package to save time there. I don't have any office suite installed but again there are binpkgs for LibreOffice as well.

@matt I run on my personal desktop at home (and my SynQuacer) because being source based it's pretty easy to add new libraries and applications. The use keyword syntax is also pretty expresive for controlling which features get enabled and avoiding prerequisites I don't actually need.

@andyc oops, just checked my home page and the bootstrap.min.css exceeds the content by factor of 20. Time for a do-over....

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Jeff Attwood on Web site obesity, Google looking to block ad blockers and the potential need to revisit Pi-Hole.


There is a hell of a whiplash today from those claiming the mainstream parties were against X were in fact for it so their votes can be added to the appropriate remain/leave pile. While those parties that had clear positions did well lets not forget that half the people who voted in the referendum didn't even bother to turn up.

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