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Stop what you're doing. This is important.

If you're a programmer, or an educatior (and especially if both - e.g. I teach at a code club) then go watch this talk. It's fantastic, and it's full of stuff I want to go implement.

Seriously. If not now, at least put it on your todo list.

So I've spent an evening getting the CI running green again. Hopefully I won't be greeted by howls of protest in the morning for those users that update overnight. I don't think I broke anything but I certainly want to increase the test coverage.

I've been doing a bit more ripping of my DVD collection with which seems to do a better job on some of my more troublesome disks. The is chewing through the 576p25 rips so fast it's hard to keep 's queue fed.

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Not sure if most Mastodon :mastodon: website users know this but you can create custom columns in Mastodon with just a selection of the people you follow. The feature is called Lists. To access click on the three horizontal bars with tooltip text 'Getting Started'. Then click on Lists and add just the people you want. You can create multiple lists if needed. I know some people read the manual but others don't. You can also see all your favourited items in one place
#Lists #Mastodon #GettingStarted #Group

It feels good to have literally doubled (x6) the number of tests I now run on the Edit with Emacs edit-servel.el. I just wish I hadn't generated a string of six red lights on Travis while doing so:

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Javascript is katamari-driven software development.

I'm shocked and surprised the full GNU Make manual isn't on my system as some sort of info doc especially as is currently down and I'm failing to find any mirrors of the rendered manual.

I've just signed my first ever 🤯 . However it is the CLA which is the least objectionable of all the CLA's I've seen. Once the paper work is filled I'll be able to contribute to although in this case the contribution is lined up for counsel/ivy/swiper.

Hmm I favorited a toot a few days ago so I could find it again - took a while to find it under the "Getting Started" tab I never have open.

Time to see if avoiding the rabbit hole of bug hunting late last night will make things clearer this morning.

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github already has a trending page, but what else are they missing out on by not blatantly stealing from social networks?

- repo filters (make your repo pop with HDR)
- github memories (that commit six years ago today? it’s been refactored twice)
- github stories (haha I’ve been working on this code for six hours [insert wacky sticker])
- relationship status

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She's using a Tektronix vector graphics terminal, one of the most beautiful display devices. #teapot

It seems me and @penguin42 are the only two people listed in our local Mastodon instances directory. I guess the other 776 users are shy or is the directory a relatively new addition @xvilo ?

Time to read through my copyright assignment paper work and then get the printer working so I can sign the thing.

I feel like I've installed about 10 times over the last week as I've recreated various test images across my various dev machines. Most are now using shiny thin provisioned block devices (zfs/lvm) rather than littering my home directories with qcow2 files.

I've spent the afternoon having a go at building for one of my old devices. The bootstrap idea is nice and all but chroot based builds feels very old school. I wonder how hard it would be to put the build tools in a container?

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