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People have been busy over the weekend constructing sites for the finale week of . Nicest one I've seen so far is:

I went to the store today and managed to resist spending any money. Mostly because my family had just given my credit card a hearty squeeze. However the USB dongle was very tempting as were the numerous blinken' light HATs.

I edited some - mostly to add rel="me" tags to the various new social media pages. It felt very old school:

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Dear Lazyweb. I'm trying to get some sort of concrete figures on the growth of container based (vs VM based) workloads in the cloud for a presentation. In lieu of any solid public data I'm looking at relative counts of twitter hash tags but that is more a "hype" measure than anything else.... Suggestions welcome!

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@fabsh @methoddan @MegaSlippers re:GNR 81 the way federation following works there are two levels of blocks. The first is blocking messages from remote instances appearing of the local instance federated feed but people can still subscribe directly. The second level just blocks all from that instance if for example it's just spam, porn and Nazis. It's up to the local instance admin to decide the policy but they are some common community maintained black lists.

All hail which just saved my test box by being able to unwedge the ability to spawn new processes due to a configuration thing that went very wrong....

It's always an adventure when you decide to delve into another applications build system. The requirement for 's gitlab-runner to have qemu-user-static installed does not bode well for this being a multi-arch clean build. Also it has *all* the dependencies in the world.

So I dreamt about using Makefiles to summon forth Eldritch forms from the deep last night. Not entirely unconnected from starting to read a new Laundry novel and a certain degree of Stockholm syndrome from my last pull request.

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I appreciate the British government providing a wonderful counterargument to claims that Debian is somehow uniquely dysfunctional


I've finally discovered a way to follow people on via . I wonder if there is a way to track replies to my twitter handle so I only need to go to the site when I need to?

Things I love about development. The day after my changes have gotten merged there is a nice clean-up series from someone else making the code cleaner and better at using common idioms. @zge would hopefully approve ;-)

So my contribution to has been accepted. M-x counsel-compile which supports automatic make targets and build directories. I've tried to make it extensible so support for other build systems can be added. It's all about making building from within easier.

Dear - are there any that specialise in aggregating information from several sources? In our case being able to provide a recent view of the many disparate services we use?

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Turns out I've been eating pineapples wrong my entire life!

So I didn't want to do a second talk at the upcoming conference to avoid too much preparation load. However I've now volunteered to do a live demo of my workflow with and for the team hacking room. Teaching by showing ;-)

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Stop what you're doing. This is important.

If you're a programmer, or an educatior (and especially if both - e.g. I teach at a code club) then go watch this talk. It's fantastic, and it's full of stuff I want to go implement.

Seriously. If not now, at least put it on your todo list.

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