@MunkyBone I would suggest hacking a hole in the ice on the deepest lake you can find then dumping it there, after you make sure there is no air pocket in the jar. The only problem with this plan is that technically it is improper disposal of industrial waste.

@dick_turpin it never been the same since they got rid of the theme tune...

The problem when you are friends with a locksmith... 😃

@opt all I am going to say about the emacs is that it has a built in psychologist but they are rumoured to be working on a text editor :P

@fribbledom It has just been pushed down the priority list as soon as I became aware of : thingiverse.com/thing:3906053


@Joachim_Rees @fribbledom ta, I watched a video on it last night it is one of those objects of constant widths, might have to print one to add to the "collection of 3d printed tat" on my desk at work :)

@fribbledom it is an interesting shape does it have any special properties?

@fribbledom not everything supports it though, eg Tinkercad (yes I know it is a beginners tool but handy for quick prototypes) only does STL and OBJ exports. STL seems to come in two different types a plain text version and a binary version which is much smaller.

@wyliecoyoteuk is it only me that sees our current supposed leaders of the western world as the political versions of the goose from the "Untitled Goose Game"

@wyliecoyoteuk I friend of mine moved over to mirrorless, my first response was that it was great that he can now take pictures of vampires :)

RIP @dick_turpin bled to death after a savage beast bit his leg off...

@opt let me know when they add a text editor to that clusterfuck

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