So my Pinephone arrived today after spending weeks in Swiss quarantine. I still need to wipe an SD Card to try it out properly after my brief encounter at . I also can't wait to start tinkering and seeing what I can get out of the hardware too. @PINE64

What an eventful day. Got stopped by the police on my way to work this morning. Had to prove I was an "essential" worker.

Some new rules in work which don't really seem all that safe - non covid related.

Then on my way home I swung by the supermarket and bought myself some shrubs and seeds to plant in the garden this weekend. Hoping for a bountiful harvest.

So that's me got one of my Pi's up and running as a time lapse hub. Scripts are running on Crontab well and I'm looking forward to my first proper video tomorrow morning. Looks a bit bish bash bosh at the moment but I'll get something more permanent soon.

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