@cybette So jealous, could do with those socks and the blanket.

@vattuvarg @PINE64 A SFOS edition would have been awesome. Sadly looks like that won't be a thing.

@dick_turpin That's perfectly understandable. I may give the sample a try. I've had a similar experience with some American narrators but soon forgetting about it.

@cybette Good job! Sadly I'm upset that the majority look like they are still in the shrink-wrap 🤣 Should be a lot of fun when you get into playing them though!!!

@cybette I know you're showing us the new mic and setup. But all I can see are excellent board games 😂

@einervonvielen5679 For sure, currently finalising some other programming work, then I'll probably start with SailfishOS. One that I'm used to and have used before. I'm also acquainted with members of the team so it's nice to try their efforts out 😊

@CyberMonkey @PINE64 It is a really nice device. What the guys at Sailfish and @kde etc had to show at FOSDEM were really good demos. Being from an Android background and an active member of PA I'm tasked with getting that on here somehow.

So my Pinephone arrived today after spending weeks in Swiss quarantine. I still need to wipe an SD Card to try it out properly after my brief encounter at . I also can't wait to start tinkering and seeing what I can get out of the hardware too. @PINE64

@dick_turpin Darn, I should have saved that one for Halloween 😂🧙🏻‍♂️

What an eventful day. Got stopped by the police on my way to work this morning. Had to prove I was an "essential" worker.

Some new rules in work which don't really seem all that safe - non covid related.

Then on my way home I swung by the supermarket and bought myself some shrubs and seeds to plant in the garden this weekend. Hoping for a bountiful harvest.

@dick_turpin Even just bringing your hand up towards your mouth freaks out a lot of people

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#Italy is now at 151 cases of #COVID19 per 1M population. That’s 3(!)x the China number (56 cases per 1M). Source: worldometers.info/coronavirus/

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Very good visualisation of #covid19 with a focus on clear information and not on click bait. Comes with links to all data sources. Updated live. blog.datawrapper.de/coronaviru

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