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if any of my people on here love some good #bassmusic then you maybe should give these sets a spin. I recorded 13hrs of mixes containing #jungle, #drumnbass, #dubstep and related genres, basically the sound of young me's nights in the 90s plus what developed from it in the 00s and 10s.
obscene amounts of #subbass coming in, you've been warned. youtube.com/playlist?list=PL09

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Brexit GM TOMATO coming to shop near you soon - WITH ADDED VITAMIN D


Without wanting to be like .. anti sciencey stuff..

the thing that is most off about this to my ear is..

""With humans, half an hour in the sunshine every day is enough to make enough vitamin D. But a lot of people don't have that time outside and that's why they need supplements." Which is depressing.

also.. we can just have vitamin D supplement as a pill.. No need to make a *new* tomato.

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How does one lower the audio latency with #PureData on a #mac? Please help me answer this student question. I don't have a mac and won't be near one for some time.

#PD #OSX #Apple #PurrData

Currently I'm a Hipster coffee shop feeling distinctly unhip

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I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

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food references 

My daughter being a thespian - acting as a TV Chef with a bad attitude

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Anyone looking for wholesome music content, I highly recommend this guy - Doug Helvering.

His day job is as a classical music professor but he also does analysis of Pop/Rock songs/albums online. There's free content on YouTube but also a Patreon which is a real treasure trove, especially if you're into Prog (loads of Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Kind Crimson etc).


I have no connection, I just enjoy his work so giving a boost here. :sn:

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Welcome to Pagan Park, Seminole, Texas.


Completed in January, I'm only releasing it NOW (only on funkwhale for the time being) because the label that shall release it cannot until late this year or early the next on Bandcamp.

It's quite different than what has come before and has some curious guest spots by @voidspace and another good friend of mine reciting "aphorisms".

Weirdness in general also abounds.

#music #ambient #psychedelic #FediverseMusic #electronic

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If anyone wants to hear me witter on in Welsh tomorrow talking about growing up in the valleys ( I think so anyway, not sure what they'll be asking me yet 😊 ) then you can tune in from this link. I'll be on sometime between 2 and 3. But I must warn you my Welsh isn't great so I'm quite likely to make a complete fool of myself!

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wow! just learned “he is a loser” in dutch is “hij is een cryptobro”. amazing

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I'm ready to get setup using #Linux by end of year. My first thoughts are on hardware. I have an aging MBP, and no plans to partition any drives. I'm looking for a separate laptop to go all-in on. I'll use the two machines/OSs in tandem for a while as I onboard. Cost _is_ a factor.

I'm not inclined, nor have the space/time, to build a box from many parts. A reliable laptop ready to go that I can convert the software on is kind of what I'm hoping for.

Thoughts/suggestions/tips welcome, please.

The discovery that our self is not essentially a body or a mind, but is in fact the aware being or presence that knows or witnesses them, has radical and profound implications. - Rupert Spira

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