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hi please listen to my new SYNTHPOP band

we're called POWDERPAINT

we have a SONG here youtube.com/watch?v=rSR2K0ctZy

and a TEASER video here youtube.com/watch?v=bf4cW-fxjE

you can DOWNLOAD on bandcamp powderpaint.bandcamp.com/

our mastodon account is @powderpaint

thank you xoxoxo

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Well, Spring is here and it's time to bust out my Alain Delon raincoat.

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I could never get my spouse to join mastodon, but she was willing to do #scuttlebutt, I think because of the local network thing.

(unfortunately, I know virtually nobody on the network,so it's not going to be exciting enough to hold her interest.) @KqyUyyHYCaB7j8PcxlhpT8HgGHnGAr6E1MB5Yxqcqe0=.ed25519


Thanks again for the boosts, mate!

... plus some mates of mine from up the road in London SE1 sent me a complimentary copy of this CD I appear on singing bass in their contemporary choir.



Thanks for another boost, Sadiq!

So soon, already!

Another 3 Track EP from me. Free to download, or pay what you want:


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We're truly blessed to have so many artists here. Despite obvious benefits of making our life more interesting they generate exclusive content - that's what growing platform really needs. They make network look better. Thank you for being with us, you're very important.

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Re-watching "Interstellar" following a walk and a ponder. (A "ponder wander"? That sounds a bit Joderal Banky, doesn't it.)

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So, this morning I had a notification on my phone that someone sent me a message on bandcamp (from their artist account to my fan account) but now I can't find this message anywhere. Where did it go? Where is the bandcamp message center? pls help.