Good morning. I'm looking for a comprehensive guide to deleting my now rarely used account.

@voidspace "But these [insert 5 random fb friends] will miss you if you leave!"

Sure. (If the algorithm ever let's them see my posts - that I don't even write any more.) ;)

@voidspace have you considered writing a bot to post electronic chaff to it for you? Adding random low-level noise to their machine learning data set can only be considered a public service by helping slow the onset of skynet

@voidspace make an export of all your data, then find that 'delete account' deep somewhere in your preferences click couple of times to confirm etc and then never login again. It takes sometime to actually make all your posts and profile invisible (I doubt they ever delete them). It's not that complicated actually.

Thanks, Luka! Hope all's good with you. 🎶

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