I’m offering 2 online Yoga Nidra Meditation sessions again via today at 13.00 BST and 19.00 BST respectively.

The sessions last between 30 - 40 minutes.

The session will be free of charge until next week, when sessions will cost £4. However, I understand that there are those who won’t be able to afford this. If you are in such a position, please DM me and we can sort something out.

Read more here:


DM me if interested.

Boosts appreciated.

@voidspace Just had a really lovely class with Tim.

To say I needed that is an understatement. For all those who (like me) could take better care of YOU, this is a half hour of your time that will be well spent. He's doing a free intro class this evening.... (see toot before this, threaded above)
#yoga #yoganidra #selfcare

That's really kind of you.
Thanks, Laura! 🎶 🙏

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