Any tips on doing a clean install of MacOS and getting hold of either Mojave (to boot from USB) or earlier version?

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Thanks. I didn't want to upgrade to Catalina, just fresh install Mojave.

@voidspace There is a minimal rescue mode accessible at boot time, which you can use to (re)run the installer. This requires Internet access.

Not sure if physical media is still available.

@voidspace To access MacOS recovery mode, hold Command + R at boot:

Whether that allows you to install Mojave vs. Catalina, I don't know. Thought I went through this myself a few months ago (prior to Catalina's release).

@voidspace if your apple ID has downloaded previous versions of macOS, they should still be available in the Mac App Store under the purchases tab. There are actually 2-3 different recovery modes that will do different installers. One version will reinstall the current OS, and another will install the OS the machine shipped with. I believe you need an internet connection either way. The different recovery modes are cmd + R and another key combo, like shift, ctrl and/or alt.

Thanks. Looks like they've discontinued that option. No version of OS showing under "purchases".

@voidspace apologies for the delay but I finally figured this out. Probably way too pate for your use case, but go to This links to other support pages that have direct download links for El Capitan thru Catalina. This requires no authentication

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