A neighbour gave me an as-new HP Netbook today. I've just installed and it's faster than Ubuntu.

I just need to tweak some of the audio settings.

This is all done as I anticipate the demise of my MacBook Pro - or rather the now bloaty OS and the no-longer-supported-in-the-near-future apps.

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@voidspace Oh nice. What model? Does everything work OK? Track pad, WiFi, etc? Wanna put Linux on my HP Stream. Maybe Manjaro is a good way to go. Is its footprint pretty light?


Hey Sam. hp notebook n7j79ea#abu.

Everything worked straight out of the box. The only thing is my Scarlett 2i2 is recognised when I search for it via the command line, but isn't showing up in any of my DAWS.

The footprint *is* pretty light.

Also, I was told that this neighbour wanted to give me the laptop, and somehow I intuited that it would be an HP. Nearly got the colour right too - I saw it as blue, but it's actually purple. :)

He also gave me a new 23" Pavilion monitor!

@voidspace Oh wow I wish my neighbours were as generous!! ^_^

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