Also, who here has a personal website and/or uses #IndieWeb ? I'm looking at moving away from #facebook and want to consolidate my data. I'm looking at #grav as a flat site generator, or going the #nodejs route (maybe #ghost?)

@voidspace @maslow

What do you like about grav? I've been eyeing Hugo and Jekyll.

@RussSharek @maslow

Well, being a minimalist, but non-geek, I appreciate its simplicity and flexibility.

For example, I can use the "admin" facility / plugin where I have a full dashboard, etc. But if I want to edit a page locally, I can do so and ftp the resulting edits to my web host.

I'm encountering a problem creating a blog section though, it's not as straightforward as Wordpress for example.

@voidspace @maslow

I'm wondering if this has any advantages over a static site.

The fact that you're having issues creating a blog using blog software worries me.

@RussSharek @maslow

Well, one section of the sight would be the blog - but it may become an integral element.

I guess you could try it yourself, and see. :)

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