@chezurl1983 See my recent Toot for good ACIM teacher in Japanese

Yes, I've been internally guided to do the workbook again. So join if you feel inspired!

I am starting the workbook again on January 1st

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I performed this a while back as part of a holiday show. It seems to become more relevant with each passing year.


Happy Holidays. Be kind to yourselves, and each other.


'cos he looks and dresses a bit ike Steve Jobs? ;)


Rather than extensive reading, maybe internaizing the core principles and a few of the early lessons?

Unpopular opinions / confession. 


I think Chinese is easier to learn than Japanese - so I've heard.

It's true that the English are lazy about learning foreign languages.

Do you speak anything other than Japanese?

Has anybody has any success federating their site with , or using any of the "post to mastodon" plugins?

Unpopular opinions / confession. 

Same to you! Also, can you understand Mandarin Chinese?

Unpopular opinions / confession. 

My father was a captain in the British Army and fought the Japanese in Burma suring WW2.

He was invalided out with PTSD and sent to an insane asylum where ECT helped him (barbaric even though it is) to a degree of "normalcy".

Thanks, Andy. Must pop over to @mentalhealth.social soon to avoid overwhelm here. :) Would like to get more involved in something like that next year.

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