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So sorry for short notice Laura, but going to have to cancel. Will explain later.

Any ideas where I might host my new built site for free?

I'm trying to create an srt subtitle file and it's not working.

Could someone check and correct my syntax please?

00:00:00,00 —> 00:00:16,00

00:00:17,00 —> 00:00:21,00
Thank you Quick check - sound is OK?

I thought I'd treat myself to a coffee and whipped cream which is covering quite a substantial quantity of Courvoisier (for medicinal purposes of course). ;)

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Caged Cage -- a Grundgestalt Xenochrony

Classic algorithmic generative process described in, with as input string "aaccdeegg", coupled with the orbits of the finite-state automaton of the Beggar-my-neighbour games in packs "cagedcage" .. "ccaaggeed" ("a" being the zero card).

The guitar track is only made udible around 1m12s and then fade out.

The penultimate note played by the percussions has been halved.

Metadata field "Language" is set to Mathematics


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I created an account on an open-registration #Peertube instance. When my video is approved by a moderator, I'll share a link. Mainly #1980s #NewRomantic #synthpop and #TalkTalk fans will find it interesting.

All of my EPs and Albums are now available to download free of charge / pay what you want from - including my "Retrospective" album of earlier work with 50+ tracks.

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Looking for gaming-type headset recommendation with good quality mic. Mac compatible.


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Gig next week:

Tatsuru Arai / Bioni Samp / mathr&netz

Saturday, 16 November 2019 from 20:00-22:30

IKLECTIK, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG London, United Kingdom

We @mathr & @netzzz will be playing with hardware synthesizers accompanied by psychedelic fly vision projection. for info for tickets

Not usually a kind of a guy, but I'm re-acquainting myself with and it's working out quite well.

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Reminder that I compose choral music and put the sheet music online under a #CreativeCommons CC by-SA license, which means you can download it and sing it for free as long as you attribute and share-alike.

My ChoralWiki page with a list of works, outdated bio etc:

Ways you can support me financially in this work:

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Here's my quick review. I have written it was as few SPOILERS as I could while still trying to recommend it completely. Like I said before, it's a masterwork. As deep in every way as
BoJack Horseman. Check out #Undone on Amazon Prime Video

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Hey UK Tooters, how easy/hard is it to get an adult referral and ADHD diagnoses on the NHS? Asking for a Tess :P

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sometimes encouragement comes when you least expect it, but most need it.

just had one of those moments.
feeling thankful someone dared to say a nice thing out of the blue.

note to self: say more nice things - others may be needing that bit of reinforcement too.

#RandomActsOfKindness #kindness #encouragement

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I wrote this one yesterday, and I recorded it today

I called it "Bottled Souls"

So you tell me that I should not cry
So you tell me that it makes no sense
So you tell me that a man should never do like that
that I better not my feelings out

Now it's my turn
I'll ask you why my feelings should be kept inside
I'll ask you why I should keep bottled my soul
Burst out your feelings or they will just die out
If nothing moves you you will move on no more


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Any tips on doing a clean install of MacOS and getting hold of either Mojave (to boot from USB) or earlier version?

Does anyone know of a way of copying an image / clone of my MacBook's HD for free?

Want to install Ubuntu as Dual Boot (maybe eventually *just* Ubuntu) without losing everything.

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