Had a few coconut shells of suet out for the birds in the last few weeks which have vanished without a trace. I figured there is a clever corvid like a Jackdaw or something that has worked out how to unhook it from the feeding station and is flying off with the whole thing. Then I put out a 5x5in suet cake in a metal mesh holder yesterday and less than 12 hours later the container is empty! Either I have some VERY hungry birds or someone is walking into my garden and robbing my bird food.

@penguin42 there's a lot of cats around, nothing small and furry is likely to last very long around here


@stardot @penguin42
Squirrel or rat most likely.
Something has started knocking our hanging bird feeder down lately.
Think I'll set up a camera.

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@wyliecoyoteuk @stardot Yeh it was rats I was thinking of; we had to stop leaving bird food out because of them.

@penguin42 @wyliecoyoteuk not seen any rats or mice nearby. My cat brings home a lot of mice, but I can't see them eating all that any more than the birds 🤔

@wyliecoyoteuk @penguin42 I put a new seed feeder out yesterday and got my camera recording. Spotted a Jackdaw beating the crap out of the coconut then started on the seed feeder knocking seeds onto the floor where 3 other Jackdaws and 3 Pigeons were waiting for breakfast. I think I have the culprit

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