So my hot tub app was updated yesterday. looked good, they added flexible scheduling, multiple timers, daily repeats etc.
Only one problem. it no longer switches the tub on!

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@wyliecoyoteuk So now you're going to have to reverse engineer your hot tub protocol...

@wyliecoyoteuk Yeh pretty common so I hear; but presumably they've built a simple protocol on top, I guess some simple http or something.

@penguin42 the app connects to their cloud server, which controls the device.

@wyliecoyoteuk Why of course, an internet of insecurely connected hot tubs. What happens if someone turns them all on at once?

@penguin42 Yes, no joy.
It all worked fine on the old version without the scheduler, it just had a one-off timer.

@wyliecoyoteuk Of course with a cloud intermediary you've got 2 problems; the protocol between the app and the cloud and the protocol between the cloud and the hottub. And the question of whether it's actually trying to turn on someone elses hottub.

@penguin42 I can turn it on and set the temperature, just not with the timer.

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