My company was advised 5 years ago not to buy employees alcoholic drinks during working hours.
This was a health and safety directive issued by the government.
Obviously, no 10 was not informed.

@wyliecoyoteuk Ah! But at least some of these were 'bring your own' and most were in the evenings after work; possibly for that reason.


@penguin42 In that case they were parties, not work events.

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@wyliecoyoteuk Ah but if it was a work rule that work couldn't provide it, then following work rules must have meant it was work...

@penguin42 If it was outside working hours, it wasn't a work event anyway.
Being under the influence of alcohol during working hours is normally grounds for an automatic dismissal.
If it was outside working hours and voluntary attendance, even without involving alcohol, it was a party, not a meeting.

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