So, after banging my head against an invisible wall for 2 days, I discover that Ubuntu now defaults to DeviceN colourspace for newly installed printers.
Which is largely undocumented and seems to be unsupported by the Gnome colour manager.
It also prevents you from installing new ICC profiles.


@bad_advice_bear Well I fixed it installed using a static ppd, and added the profile on my PC, works OK.
Then I find out that she is running Mint with the MATE desktop, so no colour manager.
More messing around.

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@wyliecoyoteuk well at least mint is better than ubuntu. That was my first distro. Cinnamon though.

I run Ubuntu these days, so gnome color manager works.
Looks like It doesn't work in Mate.
So more messing around with a VM.

@wyliecoyoteuk I was going to ask that. I’m on Debian so I’m not a big leap from either distro and I don’t use a printer.

@bad_advice_bear I will be. just in stalled it in a VM.
It can be done with the command line, but it isn't easy.

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